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A Comprehensive Guide To Fallout 76 Meat Week Event 2024

Leon Green

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Hello everyone! Meat Week Event is here again! Since this event is only open for a limited period of time, the most important thing to make the most of it is to get as many unique rewards as possible. It is also a good option to grind XP and earn extra Scrip. This guide will go through everything you need to know about Meat Week Event.

Participate In Primal Cuts Event

Every 15 to 20 minutes, you will get a Primal Cuts event. You can start the event by hitting a drum in the center. This will attract a group of animals to you. They appear in four waves, and you must kill the marked prime animals.

A Comprehensive Guide To Fallout 76 Meat Week Event 2024

Note that Butcher’s Bounty Perk Card does not seem to give you more prime meat, but it does help increase other types of meat.

The waves will gradually become stronger over time, and the event ends when you defeat all enemies, or when the timer runs out. Successfully completing the event will give you prime meat that you can use later.

Since meat will rot, having a Refrigerated Backpack Mod or Good with Salt Perk will help you preserve them for longer. If you rank high enough on the scorebaord, Cryofridge will also be helpful to you.

The events that take place in areas where the enemies are stronger seem to give you more prime meat, while Mire seems to be the place that gives you the most meat. So pick the one you want and start collecting meat. If you’re fast enough, you can participate in both events at the same time.

Grahm’s Meat-Cook Event

The other half of Meat Week is Grahm’s Meat-Cook Event, which is all about advancing the progress bar in the upper right corner. There are three stages marked with icons here, and if you don’t reach the first stage, you fail. But if you want to get more valuable Fallout 76 items, it is very necessary to reach the later stages as soon as possible. Here, I will list the things you can do to advance the event.

Using Drums & Spits

You can find drums and the spits on the high platforms on both sides of the centre roast pit. They are passive activities, just like playing an instrument during One Violent Night. The unique thing is that they allow you to advance the progress bar before it appears.

They still give you progress during the event, and if all spits or drums are in use, you will get a reward. But it’s important that you get progress before the event officially starts. So if you happen to get there early enough, make sure to use them.

Fallout 76: Grahm's Meat-Cook Event

Donate Prime Meat

The roast pit in the center has spits and pots where you can place prime meat and donate it in stacks of five. For example, if you have 12, you’ll need two batches of five, but you won’t need the last two.

Each Meat-Cook Event has a maximum of 15. Each stack you deposit gives you a bonus of about 15 minutes. Stacking one stack makes you no longer hungry, and if you get hit, you have a chance to damage enemies with farts. Stacking two stacks does the same thing, and you get a 15-point bonus to your maximum health. Stacking a third stack increases it to a 30-point health bonus and a 5% XP bonus.

You also get 5 Legendary Scrips per stack, so you can get an extra 15 Scrips for each event. This is an extra little bonus for attending a Primal Cuts event.

Feeding Chally The Moo-Moo

Another thing you can do is feed Chally the Moo-Moo. You may have to attend at least one Meat-Cook Event to get the recipe, but you can make the recipe with vegetables before the event and give it to Chally when the event starts. Make sure to do these as soon as the progress bar appears, so you don’t forget.

Collecting Animal Chunks And Greens

You can also collect animal chunks and greens. You’ll find small animals like Opossums, Squirrels, and Chickens behind the shed. Regional loot doesn’t work here, so you’ll have to collect chunks individually. Put them in the shopping cart in the shed to advance progress.

Next to it you can see the container for greens. Bring them back to get more progress. If you want, you can also put submit wood in the pile next to the cooking pot.


You can also get progress for the event by cleaning up rotting meat, manure piles, and putting out fires around. Such as the scorchbeast poop you saw in Line in the Sand event. Be sure to prioritize this because they can actually slow down your progress if you leave them behind.

Event Rewards

After the event, you will receive rewards based on your performance. You can get XP, Caps, Legendary weapons or armor, Meat Week apparel, Treasury Notes, and Unique plans.

Besides that, there are quite a few plans for unique items and unique camp items, such as Meat Cleaver. This is a throwing weapon that does a ton of damage. If you haven’t tried throwing weapons yet, you might be surprised at how effective they are.

And of course, there’s Pepper Shaker, which is one of the major prizes of Meat Week Event. The only way to get this plan is through this event or by buying it from a player vendor. The chance of any single item dropping is about 1.6% per event.

So if you want everything, you should do as much Meat-Cook as you can. The event will last for about two weeks and will end on June 4, 2024, so you should have plenty of time to participate.

That’s it. Hopefully, this walkthrough made it a little easier for you. Good luck, and may RNG gods be with you.