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How To Kill Lord Of Blood Mohg In Elden Ring?

Leon Green

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Killing Blood Lord Mohg is essential if you want to play Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which releases on June 21st. This non-critical boss, who previously oversaw Miquellacocoon, is the main character of this expansion.

You have a chance to complete the dominant story without touching Mohg, but once you do, his blood curse attacks and haemorrhage build up can easily destroy you.

How To Kill Lord Of Blood Mohg In Elden Ring?

But if you follow this guide and do some careful preparation, you can kill him in the simplest way.

How To Touch Mohg?

To actually touch Mohg in Elden Ring, you need to complete Elden Ring Varre questline first. After defeating Godrick Grafted and activating Grand Lift of Dectus, you can start the quest at any time. If you haven’t touched these yet, you may need to do the above first.

After completing Varre quest, you will receive Pureblood Knight’s Medal, which will lead you to the location of Mohg. This location is also one of the most favorable places in the game to farm Elden Ring Runes, so make an effort to get Pureblood Knight’s Medal.

When you start using Pureblood Knight’s Medal, it will lead you to an underground area called Mohgwyn Palace and a site of grace called Palace Approach Ledge-Road. North of the site of grace, you will see a road lined with Albinaurics, which are the major source of farming in this area.

If you only want to find Mohg, then jump on Torrent and go north, passing those Albinaurics and entering an open area full of blood. At this point, continue to go north, and the road ahead will slowly begin to turn left (west), and when a Giant Skeleton Spirits appears in front of you, you are on the right path.

Eventually you’ll come to a tall stone archway, and as you walk up the stairs Torrent will disappear, and you’ll eventually reach Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, and if you look to the side, you’ll see another site of grace.

From here, you can continue straight ahead until you reach a cliffside entrance. Most of Blistered Putrid Corpses you encounter here won’t do anything to you, so you can safely bypass them. But beware, not all of them, and beware of their blood loss effect.

At the entrance, things get a little tricky, as there are two Sanguine Nobles between you and the next site of grace. You can fight them, but they’ll also cause a lot of blood damage, so the best way to deal with them is to just bypass them, just like with Blistered Putrid Corpses.

Once you’re out of that door, you’ll see Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint site of grace right in front of you, and if Sanguine Noble is still chasing you, you can activate this site of grace to get rid of the “tail”. All you have to do now is walk up the stairs and follow the path on the right to the elevator, and you’ll find Mohg.

At this time, there will be a group of Albinaurics fighting a Sanguine Noble. Please do not participate in this battle! But you will see a box in front of Sanguine Noble. Inside the box is Sombre Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone that you need. You need to take it quickly and escape when they are not paying attention.

Preparation For Lord Of Blood Mohg

Now that we have covered how to find Mohg, let’s look at what you need to do before you find him. You will need to prepare the following three items:

  • Mohg’s Shackles-Use this twice to pin Mohg to the ground during the first phase.
  • Stunning Bolus Recipe-This allows you to create a stunning bolus that negates the buildup of blood loss.
  • Cleansing Crystal Tears-Can be used in Flask of Wonderful Physique to negate Mohg's Blood Curse.

Besides these three items, you can also use Summon while fighting him and head to the stairs before the elevator to ask for help in front of Summoning Pool. Now let’s look at how to get these three items.

Mohg’s Shackle

You can get Mohg’s Shackle from Subterranean Shunning Grounds in Leyndell, Royal Capital, specifically at the site of grace on the Underground Roadside.

When you leave the room where the site of grace is, you will see a ladder in the alcove on the left. Climbing it will lead you to a large room filled with pipes. You need to be careful of the gargoyles on the pipes and Giant Crayfish on the ground. When you descend from the pipes to the ground and turn left, Mohg’s Shackle will be on a wall to the southeast.

Stanching Bolus Pecipes

Stanching Bolus Pecipes can stop blood loss from accumulating. Although you can find some in the game, it seems easier to make them. The recipe is in Nomadic Warrior’s CookBook, which can be found north of the Stormhill Shack site of grace in Stormhill, on a corpse at the end of the bridge behind Finger Crone. You will need the following materials to craft Stanching Bolus Pecipes:

  • Herba
  • Cave Moss
  • Land Octopus Ovary

Purifying Crystal Tear

Purifying Crystal Tear is useful in combat as it creates a bottle of Rite of Blood that can counteract Rite of Blood that Mohg has accumulated and heal the damage you take in combat.

You will need to go to Second Church of Marika in Altus Plateau and defeat NPCs that invade there - Eleonora and Violet Bloody Finger.Besides Purifying Crystal Tear, you will also get Eleonora’s Poleblade, which causes blood loss and becomes stronger with Dexterity and Arcane. It will be a great helper in defeating Mohg.

How To Defeat Mohg?

To make your battle go more smoothly, you will need to make sure you have the three items mentioned above. (Make sure!) Since Mohg will not rush you when you enter, you have plenty of time to go to the arena to pick up the flask and summon any ashes. Note that you need to make sure there are players willing to help you.

This guide will cover the safest and most effective way to defeat Mohg, which is to use Comet Azur's magic build and attack Mohg from a distance while he is distracted by his summons.

However, this is not the only option. Since Mohg is weakest to blood damage, any build that stacks blood damage with weapons or abilities will quickly reduce his health. In addition, when you get Purifying Crystal Tear, you will also win Eleonora’s Poleblade, which will cause Mohg to lose more blood.

Mohg is also helpless against physical damage and other damage, so you can choose a build that you are familiar with to defeat him first. But it should be noted that you must not use a fire and scarlet rot-based build, which is almost useless to him.

If you want to fight him head-on. The first stage is to avoid Mohg’s slow and telegraphed trident sweeps. If you are agile, you can attack while dodging it. You also need to be careful of bloodflame attacks. Both slashing talon attacks and flaming pools will cause you to lose blood.

At the beginning, Mohg will also cast blood curses on you, but your Purifying Crystal Tear will negate these curses, and you can use Mohg’s Shackle here to immobilize him and attack more.

When its health drops to half, the second phase comes. This is when Mogh adds blood splashes to most of his attacks and grows wings to add some aerial attacks to his repertoire. This is where Stanching Bolus Pecipe comes in handy. You need to be alert at all times because its attacks have a wide range. Also, try not to dodge them all the time, but to dodge through them.

Isn’t it easier to defeat Mogh with this introduction? There is a saying that goes, don’t fight a battle you are not prepared for. So follow this guide and get started!