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What Is New And Changed In Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road?

Bren Lyles

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Knowing what's coming to the game and what's changing before embarking on the journey is essential for any game, and this is also true in Elder Scrolls Online.

Since 2017 Morrowind expansion, Elder Scrolls Online has been recognized as one of the most popular modern MMOs. Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road marks the eighth chapter of this fantasy MMO game, which has been launched for 10 years since 2014. Gold Road offers some exciting features that fans have been craving since Elder Scrolls Online was first released.

This article will show you what new content Gold Road has in store for us in 2024 to help you prepare for the start of the game in advance.

What Is New And Changed In Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road?

Set In Western Cyrodiil

Gold Road is one of the largest Chapters for Elder Scrolls Online to date, second only to Craglorn and Vvardenfell in size.

Gold Road retains some iconic locations from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, such as the city of Skingrad in the southwestern region of Cyrodiil. However, not only has the previous content been retained, but some new locations have been added as well.

The latest Chapter takes place in the West Weald, which is made up of three different sub-regions. The southeastern region makes up the Autumn Gold Road, whose capital is the city of Skingrad. The southwestern region is the newly emerged Dawnwood jungle, bordering the Valenwood province and some Wood Elf settlements. The northern region is home to the Colovian Highlands, which is dotted with Ayleid ruins and Imperial settlements. There is also the mysterious Wildburn region where brand new creatures and plants grow, influenced by the magical creations of the Dawnwood jungle.

Time Of Occurrence

Gold Road is a direct sequel to the last Chapter for Elder Scrolls Online, Necrom, and the second part of the seventh main story. Elder Scrolls Online generally takes place in Second Era, before the events of Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

New Daedric Prince

Elder Scrolls Online New Daedric Prince

Mirrormoore Incursion is a dynamic world event caused by the mysterious Daedric entity Valkynaz. These Daedric entities attempt to invade West Weald through Oblivion Portals created by Ritualists.

You will encounter waves of Daedric Occultists in West Weald to prevent further invasions. Six Valkynaz boss battles will bring rich rewards and lore details.

You can enhance your game strength through Elder Scrolls Online Gold, increase the chance of winning battles against enemies, and make it easier to level up in the game.

The Story Of Gold Road

Through Mirrormoore Incursions that appear in the area and the dialogue between NPCs discussing new threats, we can feel the presence of the main villain, the forgotten Daedric Prince Ithelia. But Gold Road does not just deliver the classic Oblivion atmosphere, the mysterious Dawn Forest jungle also appears in the southwest. Unprecedented turmoil and mysterious subversion in the wilds of the West make the journey full of mystery and turmoil.


Scribe is the biggest game change in Gold Road Chapter. If you have the patience to complete the lengthy tutorial, Scribe will satisfy your desire to create your own spells in Elder Scrolls Online like in other Elder Scrolls games.

Scribe includes a Grimoire (skill type) and a Script that defines the skill parameters. There are 11 Grimoires to unlock in the game, as well as Focus Scripts that define the main function, Signature Scripts that add unique effects to skills, and Affix Scripts that add unique Buff/Debuff to skills.

Do The Scribe Questline First

You need to put in a lot of effort to unlock the various Scripts required in the 11 skill Grimoires. You can unlock Scribe through multiple multi-part quest chains involving Mages Guild. We strongly recommend that you complete Scribe multi-part quest chain in Gold Road Chapter first, as its components are only unlocked when the quest is active.

New Skill Styles

In Gold Road you can further customize your skills through Skill Styles. You can unlock most Skill Styles through level achievements and quests. In total, Gold Road includes 22 Skill Styles, which will allow you to customize the aesthetic characteristics of various Scribe and non-Scribe skills. More Skill Styles may appear in future updates. Aesthetic options range from colors to different animations, although customizing sound effects is not possible at this time.

New Item Sets

Elder Scrolls Online New Item Sets

Gold Road finally implements a feature that veterans of the decade-old MMO have been asking for. The new feature is the ability to inject status effects into light and heavy attacks.

Gold Road actually includes 10 new item sets for you to find and craft, but Threads of War is the one that players should be most aware of, as it adds status effects directly to attacks.

12-Player Lucent Citadel Trial

Trials are essentially Elder Scrolls Online's ultimate raid dungeon content for teams of 12 players. Lucent Citadel is said to be the most difficult and complex 'trial' dungeon yet, and is located in Daedric vault on Fargrave Oblivion Plane.

This Trial dungeon follows the lost Daedric Prince Ithelia as she launches a frantic search for a mysterious relic called Arcane Knot, which causes untold trouble for your old ally Keshargo.

Elder Scrolls Online developers say Lucent Citadel is their most experimental dungeon yet, with obstacles that go far beyond combat, and even hints at levitation effects in promotional materials.

New Player-Friendly Gameplay

Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most welcoming MMOs to new players. As encouraged by Elder Scrolls Online's level scaling system, Elder Scrolls Online's entire library of Chapter content can be completed in any non-linear order you can imagine, regardless of player level, making revisiting previous areas engaging and fun. With the introduction of Scribing and the addition of the West Weald region, now is the best time to experience Elder Scrolls Online.

Not-So-Friendly Story For New Nlayers

Elder Scrolls Online itself lacks a comprehensive story summary of events. If a new player is not already aware of Necrom's ongoing storyline, it will not be able to understand the plot sequence of Gold Road and review events. After all, Gold Road follows the cliffhanger at the end of Necrom. Even though the game can read the lore book, we still recommend that you first understand the comprehensive timeline of events of all Chapters in Elder Scrolls Online.

Content Takes A Lot Of Time

Like the previous major Chapters of Elder Scrolls Online, the story of Gold Road takes about 15 hours to complete. However, there are also Mirrormoor Incursions, Lucent Citadel, Side Dungeon, Quest, 6 World/Delve bosses and 10 sets of items, as well as numerous other collectibles to discover. As mentioned earlier, the new Scribe system brings new grinding in the form of Grimoires and Scripts, and if you get them for multiple created characters, the time they take will increase.

After reading this article, you have some understanding of the new content of Gold Road. On this basis, you should also make a choice whether to experience the new game. I hope that our display of the new content of the game can help you get a head start in the game.