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Where To Find First 4 Runes For Human Rogues In WoW Classic Season Of Discovery?

Cornell Otto

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WoW Classic Season of Discovery has had us looking all over Azeroth for new rune abilities. A lot of players are enjoying finding these runes blindly because it is super fun.

But some can be easily missed, so I wanted to cover the first 4 runes that you can find on a Rogue in the Human starter area. All of these can be found in either Elwynn Forest or Stormwind City.

Where To Find First 4 Runes For Human Rogues In WoW Classic Season Of Discovery?

1. Shadowstrike

Starting with number one, and it’s an easy one, it’s Shadowstrike.

Shadowstrike is the rune that lets you go invisible and teleport to your target. You get this at the very start of the game.

Simply go to your class trainer in Northshire and take the quest to recover a stashed item. If you head over the river and go to the Vineyards, it’s just south of this.

As you get to the mountain, you’ll see a little shack with a couple of Defias outside and there’s a chest in front. Defeat the Defias, pop the chest, and there’s your Shadowstrike rune. If you have enough SOD Gold, you can buy some weapons and armors to equip yourself so that you can easily defeat the monsters you encounter.

2. Quick Draw

The rune we can go for next is the Quick Draw rune, which is a bit difficult to get.

Quick Draw is a quick shot with a ranged weapon that slows enemies down.

To get this rune, you need to pickpocket parts of a Treasure Map and put that map together. Then, go find the treasure and the treasure is the rune.

The 4 map pieces all drop from different Humanoid monsters around Elwynn Forest. So first, get to level 4 and unlock Stealth and unlock Pick Pocket. And then, start looking for the different Humanoids.

The top left piece can be found from Defias. So, go and pickpocket some Defias. We saw this one at Jerod’s Landing. There was a Defia there. Pickpocket it, got the piece. I assume it can be any of the Defias.

The top right one comes from Kobolds. And this one was pickpocketed at Jasperlode Mine, which is where you go in the Goldshire quest. There are the Spiders at the end. But you just pickpocket the Kobolds around here.

The bottom left one is from Gnolls, which are located conveniently at the bottom left of Elwind near Hogger (near the where the map changes over on the west).

Then, the bottom right piece can be found at Murlocs. And these are all around Crystal Lake, just east of Goldshire.

Once you find all 4 pieces, you’ve pickpocketed all four pieces, that’s when you put the map together. If you’re struggling to fight these, you can just stealth and pickpocket while other people are fighting, especially on release when these servers are completely full. You can just go and pickpocket as people are just clearing the different comps.

Once you’ve got them all, put them together. It tells you to head to the treasure west of Ridgepoint Tower, near the Wolf’s Den. So, head over there and you’ll see a stump. Go to this stump and use your scroll, use your map, and then you’ll find the Quick Draw rune.

WoW Classic SOD Rogue Runes

3. Mutilate

Onto the third one, Mutilate.

This deals damage with 2 weapons, and it is a super powerful rune once you get dual wield.

It again requires pickpocketing to start or to learn about it. So, you need to pickpocket an important NPC. You can get this from Morgan the Collector in the house near where Princess is on the bottom right of the map.

But I’ve also heard it can be got from Garrick Padfoot in Northshire. But this guy gets defeated in like 2 seconds because of how many people are queuing up for it. So, Morgan the Collector definitely seems easy to get it from. And he survives a little bit longer, so you can actually pickpocket it.

This note tells you to follow the river north of Crystal Lake and south of the wall. Just head south of Northshire and follow the wall right up to the east side. There’s like a hidden Stealth guy here. Just talk to him and he’ll teach you Mutilate.

Some people are saying you need to be level 10 and have unlocked Dual Wielding to get this. But it’s worth getting. It’s not that hard to get.

4. Between The Eyes

Next up is Between the Eyes, a ranged finisher that also stuns. This is one thing Rogues have always wanted for gap closing.

Pre-warning, this includes a fight against two level 10 mobs. So, make sure you have friends or you’re leveled enough. And this can be found in Stormwind.

Just head to the Canals, like the lake around the Dwarven District, and look for a house on the left side. Head through and you’ll be in an alley. Follow it all the way to the end and you’ll see an open house. Head upstairs to the house and as soon as you get to the top, you’ll see a big bed. And there should be a chest in front of the bed.

If it’s not here, you need to wait for it to respawn because someone’s already done it. Click the chest and two mobs will spawn. Defeat those, and that’s how you get the rune.