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The Summon Reaper Juggernaut Is An Excellent Choice For Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis!

Cornell Otto

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Greetings, fellow Exiles! Allow me to introduce you to an exciting build in Path of Exile 3.24 - the Summon Reaper Juggernaut. The Summon Reaper spell brings forth a formidable minion, and the recommendation lies with the Reaper of Eviscerating variant.

Among ascendancy classes, the Juggernaut offers notable advantages in durability, standing as one of the sturdiest options available. Let's take a closer look at this build!

The Summon Reaper Juggernaut Is An Excellent Choice For Path Of Exile 3.24 Necropolis!

How It Works

The Reaper of Eviscerating is designed to serve as the primary damage dealer in any minion-oriented build, significantly impacting and consuming other summoned minions. With a base 50% chance to inflict bleeding, amplified to 95% with 20% gem quality and a Vulnerability curse on enemies, the Reaper proves formidable.

While the build stands as one of the sturdiest options available, its slow clear speed may prove frustrating for some. Nonetheless, its single-target damage output remains commendable, with bleeds lasting for 6 seconds, and the encouragement to attack frequently to roll superior bleeds via Volatility Support.

Gear Setup

To ensure your build's effectiveness, it's crucial to acquire specific unique and rare items that cost some POE Currency. We suggest prioritizing unique items for most slots, reserving only the ring for a rare piece. Rarity considerations heavily influence your choice, particularly for the ring and jewels, including Cluster Jewels.

Unique Items

Place your 3 most costly mana-reserving skills in the Devouring Diadem.This setup switches your energy shield to apply to mana, a vital aspect for casting skills effectively. Then, utilize 2 Cold Iron Points, along with a Level 21 Summon Reaper awakened and Level 5 Minion Damage Support gems. To reach gem Level 30, incorporate a corrupted unique body armor.

Path of Exile 3.24 Devouring Diadem

Combine the Fourth Vow with Divine Flesh and Unbreakable for optimal defense against elemental and physical damage. The Fourth Vow requires high chaos resistance, so consider corrupting it with a +2 to socketed minion gems modifier. The Tempest Rising amplifies your minions' damage against stationary targets, enhancing overall effectiveness.

Address bleed Vulnerability by utilizing items like Asenath's Gentle Touch gloves to curse opponents with temporal chains and cause them to explode on death. Aim to become bleed immune, either through specific item affixes or Watcher's Eye modifiers. Extend your curse limit with amulet anointment for added flexibility.

Equip at least 5 Ghastly Abyss Jewels, leveraging the Darkness Enthroned belt for additional Abyss sockets. These jewels can significantly enhance your build's power, particularly when socketed strategically. Cluster Jewels offer valuable support gems, providing considerable benefits to your build's performance.

Rare Items

Prioritize defensive layers such as armor, maximum life, and resistances across your gear. Seek out items that offer chaos resistance, elemental resistances, and maximum life to bolster survivability. Consider modifiers that enhance minion damage and provide increased durability.

Focus on optimizing Mana Reservation Efficiency for skills, particularly through Abyss and Large Cluster Jewels. Allocate passive nodes to enhance minion damage, attribute bonuses, and resistance bonuses. Utilize rare items to supplement attribute requirements and maximize gem levels for key skills.


The Progenesis proves highly effective in mitigating significant hits, particularly when paired with substantial life recovery, so I highly recommend acquiring one if you utilize Defiance of Destiny. In addition to Progenesis, consider obtaining Granite, Basal Silver, and Sulphur or Quicksilver Flasks.

Path of Exile 3.24 Progenesis

Opt for suffixes that bolster your armor, diminish the effects of shock and curses, and provide life regeneration. To round out your flask setup, include a life flask equipped with poison or bleed removal if you have yet to achieve immunity to bleeding.

Gem Links

For the Summon Reaper of Eviscerating, constant manual command is necessary, but its damage output is remarkable. With high accuracy and a 95% chance of causing bleeding when coupled with Vulnerability, it proves formidable. Link it with Minion Damage, Brutality, Deadly Ailments, Melee Physical Damage, and Swift Affliction Support, and if available, Uul-Netol's Vow with Volatility Support.

Gems socketed in the Devouring Diadem include determination for additional armor, pride to amplify enemies' physical damage taken, and Skitterbots to chill and shock nearby opponents, bolstering your damage. Link these auras with Enlightened Support. Additionally, socketing Vulnerability in your Profane Proxy increases the likelihood of bleeding and physical damage inflicted on enemies.

Allies within the Malevolence's range benefit from increased damage over time and skill effect duration. Link it with Divine Blessing Support and Generosity Support gems for enhanced potency. Immortal call reduces elemental and physical damage taken, consuming endurance charges for extended duration and damage reduction.

The Enduring Cry generates endurance charges, regenerates life, and enhance their effectiveness, while Whirling Blades enables faster movement. Link it with Faster Attacks Support and Momentum Support for increased attack speed.

Path of Exile 3.24 Enduring Cry

Skeletons serve to support your Reaper, possessing excellent base cast speed and summoning multiple units simultaneously. Aspect of the Spider debuffs nearby enemies, hindering them and amplifying the damage they receive. While less crucial, it's a mana-reserving skill that complements your build's effectiveness.

Bandits & Pantheon

Killing all the bandits in Act 2 is the best way to deal with them. The Soul of Arakaali reduces damage over time taken. The build is durable enough against hits, but Damage over Time can still be a problem. The Soul of Gruthkul is one of the best minor gods. It reduces physical damage taken per hit taken. Alternatively, choose the Soul of Abberath to reduce the ignite duration on you.

Passive Tree

Move on to the passive skill tree, select a lot of maximum life and Mana Reservation Efficiency. Armor, minion damage, Elemental resistances, and endurance charges are of considerable value. For keystones, go for Divine Shield and maybe Resolute Technique if you don't want to miss with Whirling Blades.

For masteries, get 30% of mana cost shifted to life and +50 to maximum life as 2 Life Masteries. 12% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency as the Mana Mastery. Minions increased the Area of Effect (AOE) as Minion Offense Mastery. And 10% of physical damage from hits taken as chaos damage, that's armor and Energy Shield Mastery.