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This OP Strength Build Will Be A Nightmare For All Bosses In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

Donato Greenholt

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Are you still troubled by some tough bosses in Elden Ring? Are you looking for a powerful build to dominate in the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC? If yes, then don’t miss this guide!

Today I’m going to show you an overwhelming Strength build. This build requires a significant investment in strength, but is easy to get started early in the game. Not only that, but players can transition from a pure strength build to many other variants later, making it an excellent starting build for Elden Ring DLC.

This OP Strength Build Will Be A Nightmare For All Bosses In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

What Do You Need?

So, what does our build require? For weapons, we choose Executioner’s Greataxe. It has a solid 115 critical damage followed by strong strength scaling.

In addition, we need Ash of War Cragblade, brew Flask of Wondrous Physick, and obtain three Insignia Talismans each: Axe Talisman, Blue Dancer Charm, and Ritual Sword Talisman.

Don’t forget that the most important thing is to prepare enough Elden Ring Runes, whether it is to equip weapons or upgrade stats, this is crucial.


First, let’s start with the basics of farming Greyoll Dragon. But before we head to the dragon, let’s quickly get Lordsworn’s Greatsword, which we’ll later upgrade with Ash of War Sacred Blade to easily use our primary weapon.

On the way to Baron, we naturally grabbed the two halves of Dectus Medallion, all Souls, and other fun stuff at each campfire. For example, while riding to reach the first half of Fort Haight, we can grab Axe Talisman in Mistwood Ruins, which increases the damage of charged attacks. Just nearby, close to the gigantic tree, we can also find Crystal Tear.

Elden Ring Lordsworn’s Greatsword

In addition, we have to smash the lowly dung beetle north of Third Church of Marika to get Ash of War Sacred Blade.

Once we find Greyoll, quickly grab the back half of Medallion and take him down the usual way. You then need to divide your hard-earned Souls as follows: 20 for Vigor, and the remaining Souls for one real stat, Strength. Don’t forget to continue collecting Boss Souls during the rest of your journey.

Major Weapon

Now we are ready to start farming our weapons. Imprint Ash of War on Greatsword, then travel to Liurnia of the Lakes. Ride past Stormveil Castle on the right and reach the first bonfire in Liurnia.

From there, you can already see a church, behind which the thugs with Executioner’s Greataxe are waiting. We can defeat him with Ash of War until he drops our axe. This enemy has a 5% drop chance, which may sound small at first, but it never took me more than 15 minutes.

We now have a coveted weapon that only requires the necessary leveling materials. Well, head to Liurnia of the Lakes and quickly get the key from the dragon, then head straight to Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel where we’ll get Smithing Miner’s Bell Bearing [1] and upgrade our Greataxe to +6.

Elden Ring Executioner’s Greataxe

Ash Of War

When we were done, we could beat the crap out of our opponents. But we also need a proper Ash of War.

To the southeast of Fort Gael, at the bottom of Caelid, we will get Ash of War Cragblade, which gives our weapons 15% more poise and 10% more damage. This also makes this Strength build even crazier.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade your axe to heavy immediately for better strength scaling.


Now, there is another Talisman that is very important. It is a Blue Dancer. Head to Stormveil Castle, ride east to the bridge next to Mad Pumpkin Head, and cross the vortex into the depths. In the cave, after defeating the boss, we will find Blue Dancer Charm, which increases our damage at a low equipment weight.

Where to Find the Blue Dancer Charm in Elden Ring?

Another high-level Medallion is Ritual Sword Talisman, which gives us an additional 10% damage when the health is full. Take the grand elevator to Altus Plateau. From there, head north to Lux Ruins, briefly applaud Queen, and pick up this gorgeous piece of gear from the chest.

We are far from done. From the ruins, enter Sealed Tunnel, go through the gate and climb the stairs, where you can obtain Smithing Miner’s Bell Bearing [2]. Now you can upgrade your axe to +12 and you will have B-scaling in strength.

Flask Of Wondrous Physick

Now that everything is ready, here comes the slightly tricky part. We will return to the bonfire in Fort Faroth and defeat Putrid Avatar under the tree. He’s a bit tricky in my opinion, but with focus, it can definitely be done.

It only took me about three or four charged attacks to break his stance, and after about two or three turns, he would die and drop Crystal Tear. Together with the previous one, we will brew a Flask of Wondrous Physick. It further increases the charged attack and stance damage dealt.

The Best Flask Of Wondrous Physick Mix Combos In Elden Ring

Upgrade Weapons

Now we want to bring the weapon up to A-scaling. We can find many Smithing Stones in Caelid’s Sellia Crystal Tunnel and Altus Tunnel. Once you have all Smithing Stones, you can upgrade your axe one last time to +18, with A-scaling. Now you are ready to start a glorious adventure!

These are all the tips you need to know to complete this Strength build. What do you think of this build? What do you think was helpful? In this spirit, my brave heroes, have a great time and have a great day!