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NBA 2K22: Hip-hop Stars Will Appear In MyCareer

Bren Lyles

Published On

According to reports, NBA 2K22 will add some famous hip-hop stars to MyCareer. So for NBA 2K22 gamers, they not only have the opportunity to dominate the court but also on the microphone. 2K Games are preparing their latest version of the virtual basketball series to produce content outside the box.

This will be their first game specially made for the next-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. Some gamers in the game community have high expectations for developers. But NBA 2K will continue to expand in many ways, one of which is the popular MyCareer game mode.

This comes from a game mode released in the previous game, which was very popular and eventually became the focus of fans' discussions.

According to related news reports, the famous rapper will be one of the new flagship additions to the NBA 2K22 series after The City’s debut in the 2K21. In this game mode, you can unleash your creativity, engage in new side activities outside the stadium, and becoming a hip-hop idol or a fashion designer is great.

As gamers expect, 2K is emphasizing story mode will be closely linked to all of these, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the NBA world and what it's like to be a superstar on and off the court.

Whether rappers like Drake, J. Cole, 2 Chainz, or Wale will appear in the game is still unknown. But based on the previous situation, creative content in the game will please fans.

In any case, if the news is reliable, then NBA 2K22 seems to attract more gamers, because the new content is always attractive. Next, more NBA 2K22 news will be announced, and GAMEMS will also always pay attention to that.

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