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Madden 22: Christian McCaffrey Replaced Derrick Henry As The Best RB

Bren Lyles

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EA announced the top 10 running backs of Madden 22, and Tennessee Titan superstar Derrick Henry is not a member of the 99 Club, or that he is not even the best running back in the game.

The best running back is Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers. His overall rating is 97 and Henry's OVR is 96, which is tied with Browns RB Nick Chubb. This caused dissatisfaction among fans, who thought the ratings were absurd.

Derrick Henry

According to EA rating adjusters, this is not a prejudice against Titans. There are only two special ratings that prevent Henry from earning the coveted spot in the 99 Club: Carrying and Trucking.

Interestingly, both seem to be quite high at 94 Carrying Rating and 90 Trucking Rating. To be honest, Henry does not fumble the ball a lot. He only conceded 3 times last season, on 378 carries.

In other ratings, Henry has 92 Speed, 89 Acceleration, 87 Strength, 86 Agility, and 98 Awareness. And his Stiff Arm Rating is 99, which is perfect, and he deserves this.

Christian McCaffrey

Maybe many people are also questioning Christian McCaffrey's 97 overall rating. McCaffrey was out due to injury for most of last year. But when he was healthy, he scored 225 rushing yards, 149 receiving yards, and 6 touchdowns in just three games. He is a dynamic playmaker, arguably the most all-around back in the league. So it's not shocking to see him atop the Madden 22 rankings.

In terms of ratings, McCaffrey has 92 Speed, 93 Acceleration, 72 Strength, 97 Agility and 94 Awareness. His ratings are not that different, but his carrying is 96. In terms of Catching, McCaffrey has a rating of 81, while Henry is at 62. Perhaps, this is the difference?

Top 10 RBs

1. Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers) - 97 OVR

2. Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans) - 96 OVR

3. Nick Chubb (Cleveland Browns) - 96 OVR

4. Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings) - 95 OVR

5. Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints) - 94 OVR

6. Aaron Jones (Green Bay Packers) - 91 OVR

7. Saquon Barkley (New York Giants) - 90 OVR

8. Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas Raiders) - 88 OVR

9. Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys) - 88 OVR

10. Joe Mixon (Cincinnati Bengals) - 88 OVR

With the exception of McCaffrey and Henry's ratings being questioned, the ratings of other backs seem reasonable. It is also in line with everyone's guess.

GAMEMS will update more player ratings later, so you can pay more attention to pick the right players at the beginning of Madden 22.

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