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How To Make Your Defense A Fortress In FC 24? - Tactical & Advanced Defending

Leon Green



Talking about defending in FC 24, there are 3 types of defending, which are Legacy, Tactical, and Advanced Defending. However, you can’t use Legacy Defending in competitive mode, meaning you can’t use it to play online games. 

So, if you want to learn how to defend in FC 24, Tactical and Advanced Defending is what you need to learn.

How To Make Your Defense A Fortress In FC 24? - Tactical & Advanced Defending

Why Choose To Use Tactical & Advanced Defending?

In Legacy Defending, by holding X, your player will press the ball holder. 

But that’s not how it works in Tactical and Advanced Defending. This is what will happen if you hold X or A to contain in Tactical and Advanced Defending: observe the behavior of the player with the indicator. 

Instead of the player standing in front of the attacker and challenging him, he will just run beside him. That means, in Tactical and Advanced Defending, you need to be the one to control the behavior of your defenders.


Jockeying is crucial to control the behavior of your players when defending. 

Whenever your opponent is approaching, instead of holding X or A to press the attacker, what you need to do is hold L2 or LT button. By holding the L2 or LT button, your player will stand in a good shape to defend. 

Then, use your left analog to move your player while holding the L2 or LT button.

Whenever you’re using the Jockey, your first objective is to deny him of free passage. Your second objective is to place yourself in a position to block any shot he plays. Your third objective is to wait for him to try and dribble past you. But since you’re standing in front of him, you will win the ball. 

The last thing is to wait for the perfect time to use Stand Tackle to win the ball.

FC 24 Jockeying

Stand Tackle

To use Stand Tackle in Tactical or Advanced Defending, press the button you used to shoot. 

You can also use Hard Stand Tackle. This is more effective than a normal Stand Tackle. Hold R1 or RB, then press Circle to use this. 

Whenever you want to make the tackle, make sure it’s from forward to avoid any foul. If you tackle from behind, you will give away a free kick or penalty inside the box. 

Also, get the timing right because if you miss a tackle, it won’t be easy to recover with that player.

How To Use Speed Jockey?

Now, let’s go back to Jockey and talk about how to use Speed Jockey and when to use it. 

Once you hold L2 or LT to activate your Jockey, your player’s speed will reduce. So, if the attacker is moving fast in front of you, you need to use the Speed Jockey to keep up with him. 

To perform this, hold your Sprint button together with the Jockey button. There are some situations in which your opponent will get past you while using Jockey. 

Then, you need to take your hands off the Jockey button and let your player run at full speed to get the ball. To do this, use your left analog and Sprint button only to control your player.

How To Keep A Good Defensive Structure?

Let’s talk about how to keep a good defensive structure when playing the game. 

How To Keep A Good Defensive Structure In FC 24?

If you use all the defensive techniques very well but can’t keep a good structure when defending, it won’t be enough. That is why I’m going to teach you how to avoid those common mistakes that always make your defense slack.

Firstly, whenever your opponent is attacking, don’t ever press with any one of your 2 center backs. Pressing with either one of them will destroy your defensive shape. If your opponent is a good attacker, he will utilize the opportunity you gave him.

To keep a good defensive shape, your right back, left back, and 2 center backs should be intact with no cursor on them. If you rush out to press with one of your center backs with no 100% guarantee of winning the ball back, you will leave your defense vulnerable. 

It’s not forbidden to switch to your center backs. You can switch to your center back to anticipate and stop your opponent’s movement. Once I see his opponent making a run, I switch to the center back to stop the run. The difference here is that I switch to my center back to drop back. The other one is that I switch to my center back to press. You should know the difference and avoid making mistakes.

Anytime your opponent is attacking, press with your midfielders or any other players except the center back. Pressing with your midfielders will keep your defensive shape, and your opponents will find it hard to go through. 

Of course, if you learn these tips and know how to properly invest your FC 24 Coins in your players, winning various games easily will be a piece of cake for you!