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Master These Key Tips To Collect Hundreds Of Legendary Scrips In Fallout 76!

Leon Green

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Today I want to talk to you about Legendary Scrips, and more specifically how to start getting them. Legendary Scrip is an in-game currency that can be used to purchase legendary items from the vendor, Purveyor Murmrgh.

Many players will find when they start the game that as you level up, the enemies you encounter become stronger and harder to kill. This is because at this point the game starts assuming you have some scrip from the event. But many players don’t do this, so they experience a steep rise in the difficulty curve.

Once you have a suitable set of legendary weapons and armor, your character will be powerful. You’ll easily reach Legendary Exchange’s daily limit of 500 Scrips, and you’ll frequently discard a Fallout 76 Item or two because they’re not worth keeping.

So, how do you go from zero Legendary Scrips at the start of the game to having some scrips that can be used to obtain legendary weapons? In this guide, I’ll reveal to you a great way to farm these scrips.

Master These Key Tips To Collect Hundreds Of Legendary Scrips In Fallout 76!

Get Quality Weapons

The first step is to get a good legendary weapon. This has a tremendous impact on your ability to deal with tougher enemies. Lately, developers seem to be leaning toward adding guaranteed weapons to events. And many of them have almost ideal legendary effects by default. You can definitely take advantage of this and play these activities until you get some guaranteed quality weapons.

Ideally, you’ll want to be level 50 to get the best version, but there’s nothing wrong with getting lower-level versions to help you explore and complete quests. You can redo the event later to get the highest level version.

So which activities are the best? I highly recommend Most Wanted from Nuka Tour. It gives you Western Spirit Lever Action Rifle as one of two guaranteed weapons, which you can get starting at level 25. It’s great for everyday activities, so you can use it for exploration and quests.

It’s also economical enough that you’ll usually end up with 45 more round ammo after each battle than you used. You can use these extra bullets as a supplement to Elder’s Mark.

Elder’s Mark is a submachine gun with extremely high DPS that can be used in event or boss type battles and is available starting at level 15. Beasts of Burden event has a 20% chance of dropping it as one of the guaranteed weapon rewards.

Fallout 76 Holy Fire

Holy Fire is another guaranteed weapon you can get from the event. This is a Vampires Flamer that you get starting at level 30. Generally speaking, Flamer is a powerful weapon with a very high rate of fire. With Vampire’s Effect, you’ll be constantly healed.

Holy Fire is a weapon you should only use when you’re in trouble. This is not a weapon you should use all the time unless you know how to get ammo. These are not the only guaranteed weapons, nor are they suitable for everyone. For example, if you use melee, then they’re not very useful. But they should provide a good starting point for most players.

Most Wanted and Beasts of Burden typically attract large numbers of high-level players to kill, and the only thing you have to do is successfully complete the campaign. Even at lower levels, you should be able to obtain these weapons. Remember, don’t turn down other guaranteed weapons. Even Gunther’s Big Iron and Love Tap is very useful when you have no better options.

What Events Are Worth Attending?

Once you have at least one good legendary weapon, you can actually participate in the event. You want to focus on the events that bring you the most Legendary Scrips.

Radiation Rumble

I recommend Radiation Rumble as a significant activity to start with. It always attracts many high-level players, and since enemies tend to only come from two directions, it’s easy to get plenty of loot to distribute among you.

I completed my first mission at level 20 and had no idea what I was doing, but I still walked away with a fair amount of scrips.

As a low level player, you should focus on covering one tunnel and marking as many enemies as possible. Please avoid entering the corridor, as doing so will spawn an enemy in the center.

Fallout 76 Radiation Rumble

This is where a simple shotgun can help. Just aim and shoot. All you have to do is deal 1 point of damage to an enemy and let the game give you the full experience. This is called “tagging” in the community.

You still get loot from nearby, but you also get full XP from each enemy killed. Many players will also drop excess loot after the event, so you can pick that up if you want.

Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice is another major event in farming Legendary Scrips, although it’s more dangerous. When high-level players go for the kill, try to avoid getting killed.

You need to keep whatever is useful to you during the event. Anti Armor is always good and gets better later in the game. Aristocrats or Junkies will provide some of the highest damage boosts, and you can maintain them without too much trouble, although you may struggle to get the highest bonuses at lower levels. Bloody is powerful, but it’s only useful if you plan on playing with low health at some point.

Please note that the daily scrip limit is 500, so you may not redeem all the scrips you receive. You can put the rest into a stash or a public container so others can benefit.

One trick is that you can secure Power Armor into the frame. No matter how many pieces you have, the weight of the frame is 10, so if you keep some frames, you can keep a lot of Power Armor pieces for later use.

Fallout 76 Eviction Notice

Priority Of Rolling Scripts

Next, you can exchange scrips for legendary modules at Rusty Pick. It is located north of Nuka Tour and south of Flatwoods. Then go to Workbenches and modify a piece of gear to add or re-roll its legendaries.

This is when things get tricky. Getting a right roll can be very expensive. Statistically, the chance of getting all three legendary stars you want is 0.04%. While this number isn’t entirely correct, the point is that it’s unlikely.

The best advice I can give is to think about what you want first. Weapons should be your first priority. If you use VATS, Railway Rifle is a good choice. A good flamer is also powerful. The benefit of choosing Elder’s Mark and Holy Fire is that you can re-roll their legendary properties without losing their inherent bonuses, such as a faster rate of fire.

It’s also important to have an everyday weapon that hits hard and generates extra ammo. You can pair it with a high DPS weapon that consumes the same ammo. If you do it right, you’ll never even need to craft ammo.


Now, you should know how to start climbing the legendary ladder. Getting your first good legendary item is the hardest step, but once you have excellent weapons, you should be able to participate in all events and earn more Legendary Scrips by playing.

Remember, getting God Roll is just a matter of luck, so keep participating in the event and keep rolling. But remember to be patient and don’t expect to get one overnight. Instead, you should enjoy the good stuff you encounter along the way. You might be surprised at how well some of them perform. Good luck!