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Zeal Of Zenithar Event 2024 Returns To Elder Scrolls Online Once Again! - Event Time, Quests & Rewards

Donato Greenholt

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To celebrate your hard work, Zeal of Zenithar Event is back. This time, you’ll earn a new outfit and weapon style by completing daily event quests and earning special parcels.

Here you can find out how to complete daily quests during Zeal of Zenithar event and what rewards you can earn, plus this guide will walk you through all the ways you can save during the event.

Zeal Of Zenithar Event 2024 Returns To Elder Scrolls Online Once Again! - Event Time, Quests & Rewards


Zeal of Zenithar event returns on June 20 at 10am EDT and runs until July 2 at 10am EDT. Until then, you can enjoy massive ESO Gold savings and even earn coffers.

This event brings a 75% reduction in Wayshrine Travel costs, a 50% reduction in Vendor Repair gold costs, and a 10% reduction in Global Vendor prices. These Vendors include merchants who sell items for gold (including Golden and Luxury Vendors, but not Guild Traders), Alliance Points Vendors, Tel Var General Merchants, and even Houses that can be obtained by spending gold.

In addition, Crafting Inspiration gains have also been increased by 100%, so this is a good time to upgrade Crafting Tree. At the same time, this event also provides 3 Event Tickets per day when you complete daily quests, for a total of 39.

Introductory Quest

However, in order to unlock the daily quests, you need to complete this Introductory Quest first, so get it for free from Crown Store, then go to Belkarth, Craglorn, and complete Unrefusable Offer.

If you don’t know how to find these locations, then a good way to help you get there quickly is to use the portal in any Impresario Tent.

Completing this quest is not difficult. First, Amminus Varo wants Baked Apples, and he asks us to collect wood at a location marked on the map. Then we just need to find and return Zenithar’s Blessed Awl.

After that we need to talk to Amminus Varo again, make an offering to Zenithar and complete Unrefusable Offer. After completing this Introductory Quest, you will unlock the daily repeatable quest: Honest Toil.

If you are confused about any part of the quest, then you can find a cook selling Baked Apples Recipe next to the supply station. In addition, there is a basket of apples on the ground next to Zenithars statue, and the piece of Maple can be found across the stream opposite the quest giver. If you can’t defeat the enemy guarding it, you can sneak up behind him and get the basket without fighting.

Elder Scrolls Online Unrefusable Offer

Honest Toil

You can then access the daily quests in the same area. Honest Toil will give you 3 quests to choose from, but you only need to complete 1 of them to turn the quest in to Fasaria and get your Event Tickets.

The first time you complete this daily quest each day, you will receive a Gold Box in addition to the 3 Event Tickets. If you complete Honest Toil multiple times on the same day, you will receive a Purple Box on subsequent completions. This is the only way to get Boxes and Tickets every day!

I must remind you that this Introductory Quest will also appear as a daily quest for characters who have completed it before, but completing it will not reward Gold Boxes or Tickets.

Both Boxes contain most of the same items, but Gold Boxes are more likely to contain more valuable rewards.

In addition to this, you can only get one Gold Road Dragoon Outfit Style Page per day, and each box after that has a chance to drop Style Pages from the past Zeal of Zenithar event.

Elder Scrolls Online Honest Toil

How To Collect More Boxes?

To get more boxes, you may want to try a few ways:

Daily Writs

First, we have to think of Daily Writs. Unfortunately, Zenithar is not as lucrative for crafters as it used to be, as now each account can only get one box per day from a crafting writ. Even Master Writs are limited to 7 boxes per day per account, one per crafting discipline.

Dishonest Work

Solo players and thieves can participate in Dishonest Work such as Pickpocketing or opening Thieves Trove and Safeboxes for a chance to get boxes. There is no daily limit on these drops, but be careful of bounties and guards.

Party With Guildmates

Guildmates who team up can get one box each time they defeat an unlimited number of World Bosses or complete an unlimited number of World Events such as Dolmens. Note that you must be in the same region to get these boxes.

Partyed guildmates also have a chance to get parcels at the end of each round of conquering Group Arenas or each Cycle of Infinite Archive, with parcels guaranteed in the last few rounds. If you’re not in any player guild and you want to make it easier to farm these boxes, now is a good time to look for a guild.

Event Merchants

So, what can you do with Event Tickets during an event? This is your first chance this year to get all 3 fragments from Impresario to complete Master of Schemes Personality. And her assistant, Philius Dormier, has fragments for Deadlands Scorcher and Scales of Akatosh Skin.

In short, take advantage of this event to get those unique items you’ve been coveting, like the new Merryvine Estate or Reserve Materials. Also, like I mentioned before, Golden and Luxury Vendors will have some great deals during this event, so enjoy them!