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What Happens After Great Rune Breaks In Elden Ring DLC? - Continue To Follow & Become Enemies?

Donato Greenholt

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At this stage, many players have entered Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree to explore Scadu Altus, but when you approach Shadow Keep from any angle, a message will appear on your screen: "A Great Rune has broken..."

This event will cause a lot of recent changes to the world around you, especially among Miquella’s followers, so you can go back and see their new dialogue. Talking to them may clarify their intentions after the Great Rune is broken.

The good news is that after you receive this message, you will not be locked out of any story quests unless you continue to move forward and defeat other bosses in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

What Happens After Great Rune Breaks In Elden Ring DLC? - Continue To Follow? & Become Enemies?

In the previous basic gameplay, players basically choose to defeat Miquella's followers to obtain their Elden Ring Items, such as equipment and weapons as rewards. After Great Rune breaks, some followers will abandon darkness and join the light, and some will continue to follow. You can choose to keep them or defeat them directly according to your needs.

This guide will detail what changes will happen after Great Rune is broken, and may contain spoilers, so players who have not yet dabbled in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC should be aware.

Stone Coffin Fissure

While exploring the southern shores, you will come across a cave that was sealed by Miquella and is very hidden. After Great Rune breaks, the seal is broken. Once you enter this cave, you will continue St. Trina and Thiollier’s questlines.


Thiollier was acquainted with St.Trina before, and he was willing to sacrifice everything to see her one last time. You can tell Thiollier where St.Trina is, and he will be very grateful. But there, he will become a little poisoned and wish to fall into an eternal sleep as soon as possible, just to be with her voice forever.

You can also tell him what St.Trina said, which will make him crazy and hysterically tell you that he is the chosen one, not you. After you anger him, Thiollier will attack you outside Site of Lost Grace. In the end, you will find Thiollier dead next to St. Trina, ending his life in regret.


Very little is known about Freyja, as she has just appeared in Shadow Keep. She seems to be trying to find something here and is very regretful that she didn’t have the chance to let Ansbach teach her knowledge.

After talking to her in front of the Belurat Tower Settlement, you’ll later explore the Shadow Keep’s Specimen Storehouse, where you’ll find Ansbach on the First Floor and Freyja on the Seventh Floor. If you talk to Ansbach first, then talk to Freyja, and then talk to Ansbach again about Freyja’s problems, Ansbach will give you a letter - Freyja’s letter.

If you give this letter to Freyja, she will appear in Enir-Ilim as an antagonist, and you’ll get her equipment and Freyja’s great sword. If you don’t give the letter to Freyja, she won’t appear in Enir-Ilim. We’re not sure yet if Freyja will appear as your ally in Enir-Ilim.


Hornsent had a terrible impression of Marika and her descendants from the beginning, but he became one of Miquella’s followers. After Great Rune Break, Hornsent will tell you that it was because they were cursed by Miquella’s spell.

But now, without the influence of the spell, Hornsent still believes in Miquella very much. His desire for revenge has also emerged, and his next goal is to become an Impaler Messmer.

Needle Knight Leda

Needle Knight Leda is like Hornsent, but she feels that Miquella’s enchantment has failed, and she is still very loyal to Miquella. However, she is not sure about the others. This makes her think about whether those people are still worthy of her sword. There will be three options here:

  • Suggest Thiollier
  • Suggest Hornsent
  • Make No Suggestion

If you suggest that she choose Thiollier, she will think he is not a threat. But if you suggest that she choose neither nor Hornsent, she will follow him instead, because he may defeat Miquella in the later stage.

Regardless of which one you let her choose, when you further explore Shadow Keep, you will find Needle Knight Leda and Hornsent’s Summon Signs together. Now it’s your choice - help one of them.

Some players have a fear of choice and don’t want to help her make a choice, then you can choose to defeat her directly to get her armor and sword. But if you choose to help her eliminate one of them, she will give you two talismans.


Moore is a relatively abnormal person. He said that he did not feel Miquella’s light, and he was sad about Leda’s recent actions. You will also make a choice here to help him:

  • Put It Behind You
  • Remain Sad Forever
  • I Don’t Know

If you really don’t know and choose the third option, Moore will think that you have no choice and will continue to ask you. So you can only choose between the first and second options. The final result of your choice is currently invisible, and it will only be known at the end of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

After learning about the behavior of Miquella's followers after Great Rune breaks, do you have more confidence in defeating them? I hope you can have fun in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC and create your own legend!