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7 Best Clubs To Rebuild In FC 24 Career Mode

Leon Green

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Here, we are showcasing 7 FC 24 football clubs in no particular order, all of whom are currently experiencing a challenging football season and are in need of a rebuilding phase as they aim to elevate their performance to a higher level.

7 Best Clubs To Rebuild In FC 24 Career Mode

Europa League Kings - Sevilla

Let's start with Spain. At the time of recording, Sevilla is just one point above the relegation zone, performing significantly below expectations.

Known as the kings of the Europa League, this season has been a struggle despite a strong squad, including veteran Sergio Ramos.

What's a rebuild without goals? Achieve the following objectives to consider the rebuild a success:

  • Year 1: Ensure you stay in La Liga and finish in the top half.
  • Year 2: Secure European football.
  • Year 3: Honor Sevilla's legacy by reaching the Europa League final.
  • Year 4: Contend for the title in Spain.
  • Year 5: Reach at least the Champions League semi-finals and win La Liga.

To make it challenging, we suggest the following rules during this Sevilla rebuild:

  • Rule 1: Employ the Moneyball Strategy and buy quality players at low prices.
  • Rule 2: Choose a difficulty level that is challenging for you.
  • Rule 3: If you fail to achieve an objective, repeat the same goal for the next season.

Sevilla is in dire need of a rebuild and hungry for new European success. Can you lead them there?

FC 24 Europa League Kings

Surprise No More - Union Berlin

Now, let's head to the capital of Germany, Berlin. There are 2 clubs here, and no more in need of a rebuild, but for this guide, we'll focus on Union Berlin.

After 2 sensational seasons, they now find themselves in the lower regions of the Bundesliga. Achieve the following goals with Union Berlin to complete the rebuild:

  • Year 1: Stay in the Bundesliga.
  • Year 2: Finish in the top half of the Bundesliga and reach the semi-finals of the German Cup.
  • Year 3: Finish in the top 5 and secure European football.
  • Year 4: Qualify for the Champions League and reach a European quarterfinal.
  • Year 5: Win the Bundesliga.

Union Berlin's journey is remarkable, considering they were nearly bankrupt 20 years ago and were kept afloat by their supporters.

This inspires our sole unique rule for this rebuild: Never spend more FC 24 Coins than what is earned.

Additionally, we'll stick to the 2 standard rules: Choose a challenging difficulty level and repeat the same yearly goal if not achieved.

Union Berlin is a beautiful club on the quest for upward mobility, a truly great challenge.

FC 24 Union Berlin

2019 Shadow - Ajax

Our next destination: 2019 Shadow.

In 2019, Ajax captured the hearts of football fans by impressively defeating Real Madrid and Juventus in the Champions League before being dramatically eliminated by Tottenham.

Following 10 Hag's departure to Manchester United, the club is a shadow of its 2019 self. This year, they can already forget about winning the Eredivisie title, which leads us to the objectives for Ajax:

  • Year 1: Secure Champions League football with the current Ajax squad and establish a Youth Academy.
  • Year 2: Compete for the Eredivisie title and survive the Champions League group stage.
  • Year 3: Win the Eredivisie with at least 3 players from the youth academy.
  • Year 4: Win the Dutch double with at least 5 starters from the youth academy.
  • Year 5: Go all out to win the Champions League.

Ajax fans, known for not resting on past laurels, mean 2 rules must be considered:

  • Rule 1: Play offensive and attractive football.
  • Rule 2: Prioritize homegrown talent over new signings.

With these 2 rules, winning the Champions League in Year 5 becomes a significant challenge, especially when choosing a challenging difficulty level.

Bring Ajax back to the promised land, as they did in 1995 and were so close to in 2019.

FC 24 Ajax

Kick And Rush - Stoke City

For our final 4 clubs, we turn our attention to various levels in England, the mecca of football. We start in Stoke City, the least glamorous of the four.

Six years ago, their run as a mid-table Premier League team for a decade ended, and now they're languishing at the bottom of the Championship, England's second tier.

Stoke was always known for playing hard with the well-known kick and rush approach. We'll incorporate this into our rebuild:

  • Year 1: Make sure you don't get relegated to The League 1.
  • Year 2: Start your ascend by finishing in the top half of the Championship and be the surprise of the year by reaching the quarterfinals of either the Carabao Cup or the FA Cup.
  • Year 3: This is the year you get Stoke back in the Premier League.
  • Year 4:  This season is all about staying Premier League.
  • Year 5: Get Stoke City back where they were a decade ago, in the top half of the Premier League.

As I said, Stoke City was known for playing hard with the well-known kick and rush football.

For this rebuild, maintain this as a rule: for transfers, we're looking for strong, fast, and tall players who imprint their aggression on the game.

Leave the beautiful, elegant football behind and dive in with the Stoke City rebuild.

FC 24 Stoke City

Points Deduction - Everton

Now, let's move up a level to the Premier League, where Everton is fighting relegation and facing penalties due to financial issues.

Everton has long been a solid mid-table team but has fallen so far that they are seriously fearing relegation. Additionally, there's a new stadium in the pipeline, which might not materialize if they're relegated. Everton could certainly use some renewed vigor.

  • Year 1: Stay in the Premier League. If you get relegated, every following objective is paused until you are back in the Premier League.
  • Year 2: Strengthen your squad and climb up to a top 10 finish.
  • Year 3: Aim for a top 5 finish and reaching the semi-final of either the Carabao or FA Cup.
  • Year 4: This is the year you make a splash internationally by reaching the semi-final of a European tournament.
  • Year 5: Get Everton the Premier League title.

We've also devised some rules for Everton to make it extra challenging due to financial troubles. Everton faces penalties such as points deductions.

Therefore, don't spend more than what is earned. Save Everton from the brink and restore them to their rightful place and beyond.

FC 24 Everton

Fallen Glory - Manchester United & Chelsea

In our discussion of the final two clubs, we shift our focus to the upper echelons of the Premier League, or more accurately, its erstwhile summit. These two teams now exist as faint reflections of their former greatness, earnestly pursuing a resurgence.

Even with just a modest interest in the Premier League, the mention of these 2 clubs—Manchester United and Chelsea—undoubtedly rings familiar.

FC 24 Manchester United

Both teams have invested heavily yet seem further from success than ever. These powerhouses are yearning for success and ready for a new rebuild.

  • Year 1: Finish in the top 4 with the current squad in the Premier League.
  • Year 2: Compete for the title, finish in the top 3, and win a national cup.
  • Year 3: Win the Premier League and reach the semifinals of the Champions League.
  • Year 4: Win the mythical triple - the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Champions League.

Manchester United and Chelsea have both been trying for years to regain their form and win another Premier League title, but to no avail.

FC 24 Chelsea

To keep it realistic, we've set the following rules:

  • Rule 1: Don't spend more money than what is earned.
  • Rule 2: Set up a Youth Academy where new local stars can develop, just as both clubs did in the past with players like John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Manchester United's Class of '92.

These clubs are closer to the ultimate goal, but the journey will be a significant challenge.