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The Limited-Time Event Lunar Awakening Commences In Diablo 4 Season 3 On February 6th!

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Experience the Lunar Awakening, a time-limited event amplifying Shrines in Diablo 4 Season 3.

Running from February 6th to the 20th, Lunar Shrines grant 50% XP per monster kill, a 30% movement speed boost, and an extra modifier beyond their usual effects. For instance, Lethal Shrines, in their Lunar New Year variant, provide a chance for instant enemy execution alongside critical strikes. Lunar-variant Shrines feature distinctive dragon skins for easy identification.

This guide delves into all Lunar additions and more.

The Limited-Time Event Lunar Awakening Commences In Diablo 4 Season 3 On February 6th!

Begin Participating In This Event By Initiating The Following Steps

Once the event is active, fast-travel to Ked Bardu and head to the northern section of town. There you'll meet Ying-Yue, who runs the Lunar Night Market, your main event hub for Lunar Awakening.

You can ask her about some interesting lore, check your Ancestral Favor reputation, and claim some sick rewards. There are 10 reputation levels to earn and 6 different Lunar-themed rewards to unlock.

The weapon skins for the event are the Lunar Scepter Wand, the Dragon's Courage Two-Handed Axe and the Moonshot Bow. If you're a fan of markings, there is a Dragon's Tapestry marking to unlock, as well as a Moon's Bounty mount trophy and the Moonborn Stallion mount.

Lunar Shrines are spread throughout Sanctuary, so just play as you normally would. You can find them in the overworld Vaults, Whisper bounties, and dungeons.

Speaking of dungeons, during the event, Nightmare Sigils have a chance to roll an Ancestor's Favor Dungeon Affix. This guarantees extra Shrines can spawn for that dungeon, and you will receive 10% bonus Glyph XP once complete.

Remember, you can only earn Ancestral Favor reputation while the Lunar Shrine effect is active, so make sure to rack up as many kills as you can before the time runs out.

What Other Shrine Powers Do We Have For The Event?

Lunar Awakening Shrines are enhanced versions of regular Shrines, offering bonus XP, increased movement speed, and all the familiar powers along with an additional ability. Here are some examples.

  • The Blast Wave Shrine maintains its usual periodic explosions but, with the Lunar New Year variant, it also scatters cluster bombs.
  • The Channeling Shrine not only provides attack speed but also has a chance to reset cooldowns, making it potentially beneficial for various builds.
  • Conduit becomes even more charged during the event, summoning more potent shocking strikes across the area.
  • The Artillery Shrine, when activated, has the potential to summon a holy bomb, putting our demon adversaries in a tough spot this season.
  • The Lethal Shrine introduces a chance to instantly execute enemies on hit, excluding Bosses.
  • Empowered by the Greed Shrine, goblins spawn at the 25th and 50th kill milestones.
  • Lastly, the Protection Shrine now reflects incoming damage throughout its duration.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Lunar Awakening Shrines

Tips & Tricks For This Event

For the Lunar Awakening Event in Diablo 4 Season 3, you must master these 2 tips.

Tip 1: Lunar Celebrant Event Efficiency

Engage in the Lunar Celebrant local event for a classic monster-defense experience. Completing the Mastery objective triggers a bonus frenzy wave, making it more efficient than regular Shrines.

Tip 2: Lunar Affix Rewards And Reputation Grind

Earn bonus Glyph XP with Lunar Affix Nightmare Dungeon Sigils. Guaranteed Lunar Affix Nightmare Sigils in reputation reward tiers make the reputation grind self-reinforcing. Optimize efficiency by completing Whisper bounties parallel to events.

In summary, play Diablo 4 Season as you wish, reinforcing your preferred gameplay loop. Efficiently tackle Lunar events and dabble with Shrines for a rewarding experience.

Shrine Nuances

There are some interesting lesser-known nuances with the Shrines in Diablo 4 Season 3.

  • Protection Shrine: Reflection damage scales with Level and World Tier.
  • Channeling Shrine: Enables frequent ability spam due to instant cooldowns; beneficial in specific situations.
  • Lethal Shrine: Triggers Fear in monsters during execution, creating a unique and satisfying experience.
  • Greed Shrine: Offers a 30% movement speed bonus, allowing for swift actions and decisions.

Explore these lesser-known nuances with Shrines for an enhanced and strategic gameplay experience in Diablo 4 Season 3.

How To Optimize Shrines & Rewards

Here are some tips on how you can optimize Shrines and get more rewards.

Diablo 4 Season 3 How To Optimize Shrines & Rewards

Strategic Shrine Activation

Slay demons swiftly to align with the pace of conversation.

Personally wait for a good monster density before popping a Shrine for optimal impact.

Event Mastery Objective Bonus

Miserly Spirits contribute as a bonus to the local event Mastery objective.

The focus is on maximizing player enjoyment through rapid monster shredding.

Nightmare Sigils & Ancestor's Favor Affix

Stockpiling Nightmare Sigils with Ancestor's Favor Affix is viable for post-event use.

Bonus Glyph XP remains on crafted Nightmare Dungeon Sigils even after the event concludes.

Persistent Rewards

Inspired by the popularity of Gileon's Brew from Midwinter Blight, rewards are designed to persist.

This encourages players to stockpile for future use, ensuring rewards endure beyond the event.

Go ahead and stockpile for doomsday.