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Rapid Fire Rogue Enhanced By The Scoundrel's Kiss Is Unstoppable In Diablo 4 Season 4

Leon Green

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Hi, players! Prepare for an exciting new Rogue in the upcoming Season 4 of Diablo 4. Despite it still with the Rapid Fire, it incorporates a unique ring that completely alters its effects, thanks to the addition known as the Scoundrel's Kiss. This brings about significant gameplay differences.

Rapid Fire Rogue Enhanced By The Scoundrel's Kiss Is Unstoppable In Diablo 4 Season 4

However, when facing bosses, we need the Scoundrel's Kiss unique ring. With a sufficient amount of Diablo 4 Gold, you can seamlessly utilize this build and enjoy a fantastic gaming experience.

Scoundrel's Kiss Explained

The Scoundrel's Kiss offers several benefits: increased critical strike chance, additional ranks to Rapid Fire, and cooldown reduction for imbuement. However, running this unique ring may slow down the game, as it is most beneficial during boss fights. The Rapid Fire shoots exploding arrows that deal with exponentially increased damage, enhancing its effectiveness, especially in terms of AOE damage. 

However, when facing bosses, a critical adjustment is needed: achieving a point-blank range. This necessity gave rise to the exploding shotgun build. The altered mechanics mean that the arrows tend to arc towards targets. Consequently, failing to position within the designated area leads to complete misses, resulting in diminished DPS. This is why it's dubbed the Scoundrel's Kiss.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Scoundrel's Kiss

Skills Setup

So as far as the skills, we choose the Puncture, so that's just going to deal with the ability to apply vulnerability to the target if our Exploit Glyph wears off. Most of the time, you can kill everything in Diablo 4 within a few seconds. Then we are running the Dark Shroud. This is going to give you extra survivability and give you extra crit or movement speed.

And then we are running Dash. This is going to proc our Cutthroat because we are going to be going back to Close Quarters like in Season 2 because it's just as much better. The Shadow Step also activates our Cutthroat skill for our Close Quarters. In terms of basic skills, if you really want to run Cutthroat, that's totally fine too.

The Caltrops skill is kind of optional. It just allows us to get a quick little damage multiplier onto the enemies, and then it will also apply the Chill effect because we're going to be in melee range. It can be used most of the time if you want to maximize DPS.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Caltrops

If you prefer to run the Precision, that's perfectly acceptable. Your next skill activation occurs after either critting twice or reaching the required stacks, which means it's not always active. So, if your critical hit chance is around 20%, then opting for crit damage would be more beneficial in this scenario.

Gear & Aspects

When it comes to gear, both the Disobedience and Juggernauts are important aspects. However, for lower tier content, running just one of them will suffice. However, in order to reach the new monster level cap, you need to run both, or have high armor.

For the Tempering, you can get a chance for Rapid Fire to double or you get damage to Crowd Control, which is easy to just throw on all of your pieces of gear, and it's going to give you way more value than getting your Precision. As far as the crit goes, you can actually get 100% crit in this Rogue build. So you may want to get crit in your gloves, your amulet, as well as in your rings.

In terms of gloves, we're only using the Aspect of Arrow Storms. Not only are these great for open world content, but they can also do a significant amount of damage in other scenarios. And then we're running the Umbrous Aspect. This will give us free dark shrouds when we crit with our Marksman skills.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Aspect of Arrow Storms

Then we're also running the Mangler's Aspect. This will apply a daze to the enemies, and while the enemy is actually dazed, they can get knocked down, and then that's going to give us additional crit. That's something that actually got buffed in Season 3. And then we are also running the Repeating Aspect, so more of these Rapid Fire explosions for our shotgun.

And then as far as the other aspects, we're running the Edgemaster's Aspect in our amulet, just gives us some more damage. We also have the Inner Sight, which got buffed. And then we are running the Accelerating Aspect for some more attack speed.

Paragon Board

Finally, as for the paragon board of this build, it's actually very similar to the Flurry Rapid Fire, except we don't scale the Stun Grenades. So, on the starter board, we are going to be getting Ranger, and then we are going to be going up to get Exploit Weakness and Control, and then we're going to be getting the Turf glyph.

And then Tricks of the Trade with Combat, that will give us extra resource. Then, we will have the Cheap Shot, which is physical damage, increases the damage an enemy takes from you. It doesn't change the element, so if you got bonus damage to non-fist, then you could still throw in imbuement if you want to.

In fact, you could throw on poison and get the additional poison imbuement. The reason is that these new Pit bosses, when you start going higher in the tier. So you need to one-shot him before the boss one-shots you.