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A Ridiculously Fast Way To Level Up To Keep You Ahead Of The Crowd In Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn

Donato Greenholt

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Diablo 4 has entered its fourth season, and this season is mainly focused on the setting of in-game items, the functions of some of which will greatly improve your experience of leveling up in the game. These settings can make it easy for you to reach level 100. Next, let’s take a look at what methods can be used to help you reach level 100 faster.

This guide can address all the different forms of content in your gameplay and allow you to solve the problem in the shortest time and with the simplest method. But it’s also important that you have complete control over what you run until you reach the highest level, because that’s where the fun of the game comes from.

A Ridiculously Fast Way To Level Up To Keep You Ahead Of The Crowd In Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn

Basic Upgrade Method

In Diablo 4, experience points (or call it XP) can be gained from all missions by destroying enemies. However, in some missions under certain circumstances, XP gained in this mission will be much more than in regular missions. Here are some general upgrade methods:

  • Helltide
  • Side Quests
  • Dungeons and Nightmare Dungeons
  • Grim Favors
  • Campaign
  • Events
  • Other endgame content (if you haven’t reached max level yet).

Most of the general quests above aren’t the best way to level up, but they still depend on what you specifically want to play. If you want to know more about the story background of Diablo 4, you can participate in side missions or some battles. But if you want to upgrade quickly, besides researching Helltide and Dungeons, what I will tell you next is the unknown upgrade method.

Intermediate Upgrade Method

You should understand all XP boosts before using this method. If you use all experience point boosts at the same time, you can reach the maximum level in less than 10 hours.

The earliest forms of this approach came from team rewards. Simply put, if you have a team and complete the mission content with them, you will receive rewards; but if you complete the mission with non-party players, you will receive half the experience points.

In addition to the party experience bonus mentioned above, you can also research Elixirs. Elixirs can obtain it during early game crafting or when destroying enemies. Elixirs can provide up to 5% bonus experience points for 30 minutes. Later in the game, Elixirs may be 8% effective. These perks will increase the speed at which you complete tasks in the game.

If you feel that making Elixirs is cumbersome, you can purchase Elixirs directly in the mall. Different types of Elixirs can provide different upgrade speeds.

The last and most important thing comes - season bonuses. If you open your battle pass or menu, you will see some rewards that have ended. Don’t be discouraged, you just need some Smoldering Ashes to apply the upgrade, so you’ll need to go through Season 4 Loot Reborn’s battle pass to get Smoldering Ashes first.

Once you have Smoldering Ashes around level 28, you can use it to expand your experience rewards for completing quests, up to the maximum.

Advanced Upgrade Methods

As mentioned before, the best way to level up quickly is to research Helltide and Dungeons. Next, let us carefully analyze the upgrade methods of the two modes and find the method that suits you best!


If you want to skip the campaign and not wait there to level up, Helltide is the most efficient way to level up. You can reach level 60 or World Tier 3 or 4 in 3 hours. The major way to upgrade Helltide is to go to the Baneful Altars in the current Helltide area and use three Baneful Hearts to activate events to achieve the upgrade goal.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Helltide

This method will generate hundreds of enemies, including a maiden boss that will drop a lot of valuable equipment. When you take out three Baneful Hearts, everyone in Helltide area will be activated and gather to clear all enemies as quickly as possible.

Please note that growing enough Baneful Hearts requires unlocking Baneful Hearts seeds first. These seeds can be obtained by completing specific tasks in the game or by talking to the commander. Once you have a Baneful Hearts seed, you can plant it on the appropriate land and take advantage of related events to obtain more Baneful Hearts.

In addition, you can also obtain Aberrant Cinders by destroying enemies, and use Aberrant Cinders to open treasure chests to obtain more Diablo 4 Items and equipment. In Helltide region, you can find these treasure chests in specific locations.

Nightmare Dungeons

In the opinion of some players, Helltide always levels up faster than regular dungeons, but once you touch Nightmare Dungeons, your level will rise faster. Unlike Helltide, which relies on its community to keep the event up and running, Nightmare Dungeons are entirely dependent on how many levels you can complete and how quickly you can complete it, giving you significantly more freedom.

You can have a fast and stable experience farm by using Sigils. If you can meet the following two requirements, you will receive higher experience points than Helltide:

  1. Your build is so strong and flexible that dungeons can be completed in two or three minutes.
  2. You can complete a Nightmare Dungeon that is at least ten levels higher than you.

These requirements are difficult to achieve, but if your game character is strong and flexible, you can easily do it.

Now the choice is up to you. Which one do you think is more suitable for you, Helltide or Dungeons?

They all have their own pros and cons, depending on you, and their rewards are different, regardless of experience points.

Helltide will give you more gear, and where events have 80% to 90% uptime, Helltide will also give you more experience points. In addition to this, you also get exclusive Helltide materials. This means that when you need these materials in other tasks, you still need to enter Helltide to obtain these special materials.

How to unlock high-tier Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4

The special thing about Nightmare Dungeons is that it gives you some Glyph experience points. These Glyph experience points can be used to strengthen your game character’s Glyph on the Paragon Board in Nightmare Dungeons.

In Helltide, if you can defeat all enemies, you can get at least 925 pieces of power equipment. This way you can switch from Helltide to Nightmare Dungeons.

But if you’re around level 90, and you already have Profane Mindcage consumable that increases Helltide monster levels by ten levels for an hour, you can also get the same item-powered gear in Helltide.

In Helltide, you need to kill monsters every moment, but in Nightmare Dungeons, because the monsters are not as dense. It takes some time for you to go from one pack to another.

Based on the above, the different upgrade options you choose will depend on what type of content you prefer and how powerful and flexible your build is. In addition to Elixirs mentioned above, there are also some Boss Summons on sale in the mall. When necessary, you can purchase and summon Boss to help you get a better gaming experience. Happy gaming!