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The Speculation about Rocket League 2

Bren Lyles

Published On

Since the release of Rocket League's mobile version: Rocket League Sideswipe last year, players have been anticipating the release of Rocket League 2. But unfortunately, as things stand, it might be a while before Rocket League 2 comes out publicly.

Lawler, a well-known esports critic in the Rocket League community, recently discussed in his video whether Rocket League 2 could be produced and released. In the video, he mentioned that during the lawsuit between Epic and Apple in 2020, Evidence submitted by Psyonix as a party contained information on a project called "Rocket League Next." This information is likely to be the prototype of Rocket League 2 plans.

Lawler intercepted some documents about Rocket League in the legal material, which said that Rocket League's sequel will support the operation of all platforms. This means that players can not only experience the game on PC and PlayStation 4, but also cross-platform play on PC, consoles, and mobile. Many fans have speculated that Rocket League 2 will be released soon, but the official information has not been declared.

In addition, Lawler predicts Rocket League 2 may be in the works, and Psyonix will use the latest Unreal Engine to edit the game system in the next Rocket League because the latest Unreal Engine will make it easier to implement custom game modes, And enhance the competitiveness of the sequel among peers.

Certainly, the above is more just speculation and conjecture. As of now, Psyonix has not disclosed the production plan for Rocket League 2. If you are also a loyal Rocket League player and looking forward to the release of the new game, you can get more information from GAMEMS. Plus, GAMEMS will also give you cheap Rocket League Items to grow your Rocket League Items collection. Transactions on this website are fast and safe. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.