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8 Worst Decisions You Can Make In Starfield

Donato Greenholt

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Starfield has a lot of choices. Some of which are a no-brainer. While others are still being debated. And then, there are some choices that are just straight up stupid. Chances are, you probably made some of these stupid decisions during your playthrough without knowing. 

So in this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the worst decisions you can make in Starfield.

8 Worst Decisions You Can Make In Starfield

1. Botch The Bank Heist

Early on in the main story, you’re going to find yourself in a keyless city hunting down an artifact with Sam Coe, close to its whereabouts lying in the local Galbanks Vaults

But there’s one small predicament: in true Western fashion, the bank is being held up by a gang of bandits. What’s worse is that there are hostages inside who are all fearing for their lives. 

Seeing as the gang is unwilling to talk to the rangers, you’ll have the opportunity to act as a mediator and negotiate with the group of deadbeats and try to resolve the situation. However, if you’re incompetent enough, then you’ll have the opportunity to completely ruin the heist. 

If you did find some way to slip into the bank without convincing the bandits to stand down, then you’ll find the crew’s leader waiting for you inside the vault with a hostage in tow. 

By now, any sane player would have killed the thief and enjoyed being brandished as a hero. But you’re not the same player, are you? 

Simply wait for the gang to give up on trying to negotiate with the Galbank employee, and he’ll kill him right in front of you. 

The funniest part of this quest, however, is Marshall Daniels’s reaction, who, despite being mortified by your incompetence, still decides that you’re Freestar Ranger material

With characters as stupid as this, it’s no wonder you’re the one getting everything done.

2. Let Tomisar Go

Andreja’s questline is filled with twists and turns, but it climaxes at the end when you must confront Tomisar, a high-ranking official within the House Va’ruun and Andreja’s only link to a home. 

After spending all of two minutes arguing with Tomisar, you have to choose one of 3 options: kill Tomisar, let Andreja kill Tomisar, or, for whatever reason, let him go

Starfield Tomisar

Option 3 may seem fine enough. However, it’s a choice you’re sure to regret after you make it. From a story perspective, this makes little sense. You just spent the past hour trying to avenge Andreja’s friends. Now, you’ve suddenly grown into a soft spot. 

And despite Andreja’s threat of reporting Tomisar to the High Council, for some reason, I don’t think they really care about what happens to those outside the House of Varun

From a gameplay perspective, well, you do miss out on some pretty sweet robes. It’s perfect for anyone trying to roleplay as a Sith Lord

Ultimately, the choice of whether to kill or spare Tomisar is yours, and don’t worry about upsetting our new goth mommy, as our standing with you is unchanged regardless of the choice you make.

3. Cheat On Your Spouse

Fallout 4 really spoiled us with the amount of romance options that were available to us. 

Not only did we have a greater number of potential suitors, but you were also able to flirt, develop relationships, and sleep with all of the potential partners or wanderers, so long as you keep all your lovers out of sight from each other. 

But trying to do the same thing in Starfield is a big mistake. It seems like everyone in Starfield is monogamous. And since all the characters you can woo are members of Constellation, word gets around much faster. 

Although you’re free to flirt with whoever during the early stages of a relationship, the more serious your bond becomes with a potential soulmate, so to do the consequences. 

If you’re caught chatting up other members after you’ve popped the big question, then your partner will lose your trust, and without saying the right things, you may end up in divorce court.

4. Be A Lone Wolf

Ever since their inception in Morrowind, followers have become a staple in Bethesda games and only get better with every new game. 

We’re now at the point with Starfield, where followers are pretty much a must, and going through the game as a lone wolf is less of an option and more of a hindrance. Bethesda’s companions have gone from glorified mobile storages to full-fledged characters with desires, needs, and characteristics.

In gameplay terms, your followers can also do a lot more than carry your burdens and fight mud crabs. They comment on their surroundings, engage in conversations, and can even speak on behalf of the player. 

And that’s not to mention the world of romance options, which allow you to gain your companion’s trust and get things spicy in the bedroom for those sweet buffs. 

So, as cool as you may think you are for uncovering the mysteries of the galaxy alone, the best lesson Starfield teaches is that everything’s more fun with friends, even if they aren’t real.

5. Pay For Crew Members

Now, I know that playing Starfield as a lone wolf is a no-go, but let me explain to you why spending Starfield Credits on a crew is not the best idea. 

When you reach New Atlantis, you may be tempted to recruit all the potential crew members you can find. However, if you give the game some time, then you’ll be able to recruit crew members completely for free during the main story. 

Starfield Pay For Crew Members

And best of all, these crew members have a personality, a trait that’s highly lacking with these random space scoundrels you can find in bars, who don’t even have a name.

What’s worse is that despite them taking up a slot in your ship, these crew members typically only have 1 or 2 skills maximum, which pales in comparison to Constellation crew members that have 4 skills with at least one maxed out. 

Worse yet, is that you can’t even sleep with any of these companions. And that’s where I draw the line and choose to leave these second-rate crew members drowning their sorrows in the bars I found them in.

6. Rush The Main Story

Starfield has more side content than any other Bethesda game to date. 

Knowing this, it may be enticing to beeline your way through the main story and play through the other side missions and faction quests after you finish the main story. And although this is a perfectly apt way of going about it, it’s not something I’d recommend.

Without going into spoilers, New Game Plus will completely reset your progress except for your skills. But that’s not all that makes your second playthrough different. Many of the quests and events are changed, so you’ll be getting an altered version of the story, and even the side missions will play out differently.

7. Choose The Wrong Traits

Traits are a new addition to Bethesda’s game design, and they’re simple enough to get the hang of. 

Unlike perks and skills, traits are a one-off effect that gives the player a buff and a debuff. But with a total of 17 traits currently in the game, you’d be correct in thinking that it’s balanced.

While all of the traits offer something to add, most offer a standard boost to health, stamina, or oxygen, with little added in terms of gameplay or story elements. And then, there are traits like Spaced or Introvert, which feel like they’re working against you rather than with you. I mean, what kind of a trait would punish you for having friends?

Starfield Introvert Trait

Thankfully, for every bad trait, there are 2 good ones. Wanted is basically a must for anyone doing a Glass Cannon build as it gives a massive 20% damage bonus while on low health. Taskmaster, as part of your ship, instantly repairs at a fee. And Empath is a trait that virtually has no faults, as it’s really hard to make your companions upset unless you blow up a colony ship or something.

Finally, those of you are more worried about the role-playing side of things, then you really can’t go wrong with Kid Stuff and Dream Home. As the former adds hours of extra content revolving around your parents while the latter gives you a sweet pad that puts anyone’s outpost to shame. 

And if you’re looking to have a human punching bag that can make every waking moment of their lives miserable, then Hero Worshipped is the trait for you.

8. Choose Terrible Skills

Your skills in Starfield are one of your character's most defining features. 

Not only will they play a role in dialogue and choices. But more importantly, they'll determine what you're best at and the style of playthrough you're likely to pursue.

Although all skills have their purpose, it's not an equal playing field. Some skills are simply not that great, while others are just plain terrible, specifically skills like Botany, Gastronomy, and Nutrition. These skills sound and play like afterthoughts that were made for no better reason than to fill up the screen.

Meanwhile, skills like Rejuvenation turn Starfield into Call of Duty with regenerating health. And Persuasion lets you avoid conflict altogether to ensure the best possible outcome.