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A Comprehensive Handbook For Conquering Skull And Bones

Mikel Skiles

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Greetings and welcome to our introductory guide on Skull and Bones. Whether you are a newcomer or embarking on your journey in Skull and Bones, you are in the appropriate location.

Within this guide, we will comprehensively explore all the fundamental elements necessary to commence your adventure, ranging from essential ship components to valuable trading strategies.

A Comprehensive Handbook For Conquering Skull And Bones

Skull And Bones Overview

Before delving further, it's worth noting that some readers may not be familiar with Skull and Bones and may be curious about its premise.

Skull and Bones is an action-adventure pirate game developed by Ubisoft Singapore. In it, players navigate the treacherous waters of piracy, forging their own path to ascend from obscurity to the pinnacle of pirate dominance.

Ship Building

Initially, upon embarking on your pirate journey and assuming command of your humble vessel, the Dauntless, following the game's introductory sequence, you'll gain the freedom to navigate around The Exeter Shipwreck.

This colossal wreck, marooned upon the rocky shores, presents a trove of salvageable materials including broken planks, salvaged metal, and weathered nails. While not particularly remarkable, these resources hold practical value. Upon reaching Sainte Anne, it's advisable to store them in your Warehouse for future utilization.

Now, let's delve into one of the game's focal points: ships.

At the outset of your pirate escapade, you'll find yourself aboard the Dauntless, an exceedingly modest vessel with limited offensive capabilities and customization options. Equipped solely with spears, this vessel lacks versatility. However, it boasts an endless supply of spears—a small consolation.

As you progress through the game's narrative, you'll embark on the journey of crafting a superior vessel. This entails exploring various ship options, such as cannons and furnishings. Take your time familiarizing yourself with shipbuilding, ensuring all available cannons are equipped to enhance your maritime combat prowess. Additionally, don't overlook the significance of furnishing your ship, as it can bolster specific statistics.

Furthermore, prioritize equipping ship armor, which provides a foundational armor statistic along with damage mitigation against specific threats like fire damage.

Skull and Bones The Exeter Shipwreck

In addition to combat considerations, managing your ship's cargo is crucial. You can allocate cargo storage between your vessel and the Warehouse, with each ship offering a finite storage capacity. To avoid inventory congestion, carry only essential supplies such as food, repair kits, and cannonballs during voyages.

Reserve the Warehouse for bulkier crafting materials like planks and metal. It's advisable to conduct this inventory management routine upon docking at a den or outpost to prevent missed opportunities due to storage limitations while at sea.

Fast Travel

When it comes to acquiring loot, it's important to remember: avoid sinking enemy ships.

I understand the temptation to unleash all your firepower and revel in the spectacle of ships ablaze, but in Skull and Bones, there's a more lucrative approach.

As an alternative, consider boarding enemy vessels once their health reaches a certain threshold. Boarding offers a guaranteed method to secure additional loot without risking any loss to the depths of the sea.

Boarding ships may present some challenges, particularly if your vessel is sailing at high speeds, causing you to bypass your targets. However, perseverance pays off. When you're not engaged in plundering and destroying adversaries, I recommend prioritizing the discovery of fast travel points.

Skull and Bones boasts an expansive map, and unfavorable winds can significantly prolong voyages across its expanse. Unlocking fast travel points streamlines your travels, albeit at the cost of a nominal fee in silver with each use.

Stamina Bar

In addition to the ship-related aspects we've discussed, it's important to monitor your vessel's stamina bar. Yes, your ship possesses a stamina bar, which is where food becomes crucial.

As you navigate the seas, your stamina depletes gradually. The swifter your journey, the quicker your stamina diminishes. To address this, consuming collected food items becomes necessary. However, there are strategies to optimize food utilization. Take the coconut, for instance. Even in its raw state, it restores a modest 10% of your stamina over 30 minutes.

Skull and Bones Stamina Bar

Yet, grilling the coconut enhances its effectiveness. After grilling, you'll obtain a surprising outcome: a Grilled Coconut, providing a 30% stamina regeneration rate.

As a final food-related tip, I strongly recommend assigning any food items to your quick slot. This facilitates stamina replenishment with a simple click, ideal for moments when you're occupied with sailing or battling at sea.

Now, let's delve into the practice of scouting other vessels. While navigating, you'll notice the availability of a spyglass. This tool allows for closer observation of neighboring ships, enabling a rudimentary assessment of their capabilities and potential threats.

Analyzing factors such as the vessel's size, firepower, and perceived threat level can prove invaluable, preventing hasty engagements that may lead to unfavorable outcomes. Furthermore, this scouting method aids in identifying valuable cargo aboard rival ships, allowing for strategic decision-making regarding which vessels to engage or avoid.


Let's delve deeper into the significance of resources. Understanding their role is paramount as they are integral to crafting, quest fulfillment, and silver acquisition.

Resources serve as the foundation for crafting armor, weapons, and tools. Accumulating these Skull and Bones Items enables the creation of stronger equipment, enhancing your effectiveness at sea.

Moreover, resources are essential for completing quests, which often involve gathering specific materials and delivering them to NPCs. By fulfilling these objectives, you not only earn rewards but also increase your Infamy, bolstering your reputation in the pirate world.


As an additional perk, upon reaching Sainte Anne, proceed directly to the mailbox where you'll find a message from an anonymous Son of Liberty.

Along with a few other items, you'll receive 5 repair kits, which can prove instrumental in ensuring your ship's survival during intense battles. Remember to periodically check the mailbox as you level up for further rewards.


Now, let's explore how to maximize your gaming experience.

Skull and Bones places a strong emphasis on multiplayer gameplay. Based on personal experience, engaging with friends or fellow players in the world significantly enhances the enjoyment of the game.

Beyond the added fun, teaming up can mitigate the challenges of high-level contracts and allows for the sharing of loot among all party members.


When it comes to contracts, they serve as an excellent method for accruing experience, or as termed in Skull and Bones, Infamy. Accumulating Infamy is crucial as it unlocks various items, including weapons, ships, and other valuable resources.

Skull and Bones Infamy

Lastly, prioritize completing the main questline. While it may be tempting to wander and explore the vast seas initially, advancing through the John Scurlock story offers the swiftest route to boosting your Infamy rank and obtaining new ship designs.