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Pick This Build As Your POE 3.24 Necropolis League Starter! - Wave Of Conviction Elementalist

Mikel Skiles

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Hi, builders! I have a smooth Wave of Conviction Elementalist that offers fast clearing and strong survivability, and can also transition into other endgame Elementalist builds for the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League. I can’t wait to show you of build!

Pick This Build As Your POE 3.24 Necropolis League Starter! - Wave Of Conviction Elementalist

Build Overview

This build delivers buttery-smooth cleanup and shreds through everything in a flash. This is definitely more of a map buster and I have set this up to be very tanky. During the early stages of the game, you might feel vulnerable as you prepare yourself. It’s difficult to get suppression early on with an Elementalist.

However, in the endgame, it can actually have 40,000 points of armor before the flask, which is great. It should be able to do all the normal bosses and get you 4 Watchstones. But if you’re looking for an insane boss killer, this is not the build for you. This is just for blasting maps fast, and it’ll be a lot of fun.

How It Works?

It’s relatively simple to play this build. While clearing, we can actually use an Obliteration Imbued Wand so you get a good wipe out. Then we have Vaal Flameblast. We’re only using Vaal Flameblast for when there’s something really tanky or facing a boss.

Path of Exile 3.24 Obliteration Imbued Wand

When you are fighting a boss, you want to make sure that you have your Arcanist Brand down, and what that does is flammability, Elemental weakness, and Flame Surge, giving you considerable damage.

Now, on bosses in particular, we really want to take advantage of the tremendous damage we’re getting from Vaal Flameblast. That’s why we’re using this through Arcanist Brand, so the Arcanist Brand will keep cursing things and it doesn’t really count as you casting a curse spell because you’re casting Arcanist Brand. Because of that, you can basically make the Vaal Flameblast Ignite last forever.

Skills & Leveling

Next up, we can go to skills. At the early stage, we can start with Rolling Magma. This is very standard for a lot of builds. And then you can have Frostblink, Flame Wall and Holy Flame Totem. With Flame Wall, you want to make the projectile go through that. Anything that goes through the Flame Wall gets more damage.

Path of Exile 3.24 Flame Wall

At Level 28, we switch to a very standard Armageddon Brand with the Cremation setup. So, that means that for clearing, you’re mostly using Armageddon Brand. For bosses, you’re throwing down Cremation, which you need to desecrate first to make corpses.

Gear Setup

The gear can be very easily and quickly to set up. The focus is on life and resistance, triggering a longing to challenge suppression. You’re also going to need some dexterity in gear, but life and suppression are what you’re looking for, and early on, just focus on getting resist capped. Choose the gear that best suits you based on how much POE Currency you have.

Mapping Gear

We have a separate setup for clearing and that is because Obliteration will feel so good while clearing. On an Elementalist, all damage can ignite. That includes your chaos damage, so those explosions will be exploding and igniting.

But if you’re doing like Uber Elders or something, then you can switch out to a weapon like this for even more single target. One thing that might be a little frustrating in this build is that since we don't cast very often, we really need some critical chance. That’s why you can get a crit chance on the scepter.

Path of Exile 3.24 Wave of Conviction

You can roll crit chance on a flask, and that is to keep Elemental Overload uptime. There will be like a little diamond on the skill, so it’ll be a diamond on the Vaal Flameblast or a diamond on the Wave of Conviction, and that means that it’s on for that skill.

Energized Armor

Now, for some extra defense, we can use the Energized Armor. What it does is these nodes have energy shield on them and it basically turns that into armor. You will have 57,000 armor with a good Granite Flask, so that’s actually pretty substantial.

If you’re feeling that you are very tanky and maybe you want a bit more damage, what you can do, especially for softcore players, is you can get rid of Bastion of Elements but you can take Shaper of Storms instead, and what that will do is that’ll give really high damage shocks so they’ll take on a lot of monsters 50% more damage.

Endgame Gear

Later on, we have a little more advanced gear. This is when you’re like moving towards Tier 16s and you’re starting to get suppression capped. The Pig-faced Bascinet helmet is crafted with the Essence of Horror and that gives you that socketed gems deal 30% more damage.

You may want to try to use the new Veiled Orb. However, we don’t know what kind of rarity or cost is going to be around that. So, you will use Essence of Horror on a helmet until you have. Then you’re doing suffixes cannot be changed in a Veiled Orb, and just hope you hit the +2 AOE gems. This is where we put our Vaal Flameblast. It basically makes it a pseudo 5 and a half link.

Path of Exile 3.24 Veiled Orb

Obviously, we want the physical damage taken as fire because we don’t have as much armor, and this will actually make our armor more potent. Other than that, lots of Armor Innovation gear. The bases are the best in the slot ones, like Full Dragonscale.

With Jade Amulet, you can get +1 Fire gem levels would be huge or +2. That’s what we’re going to look at later, but damage over time multiplier is great. We can opt for Amethyst Rings early on for chaos. In the endgame, it’s getting a bit more advanced and you can target towards, especially like Eldritch implicit modifier with +2 amulet.

Especially you do want to focus on chaos resistance because later you do want to replace the Amethyst Rings with Unset Rings so that you can get the Divine Blessing support gem and Haste. But, in the early game, it’s going to be hard to chaos resistance cap without Amethyst Rings.