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New Characters Explained In New World Eternal Frost

Donato Greenholt

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Greetings, adventurers!
New World Character Spotlight - Eternal Frost
A knight of the Round Table has discovered forbidden knowledge from the Ancients. Their goal is to use this knowledge to bring about an eternal winter and subjugate humanity. It is up to you and your team of Silver Crows to gather and persuade Daichi, a fire mage with a grumpy demeanor, to aid you in tracking down and defeating the knight before they can cause destruction in the realm of Aeternum. Take the opportunity to get acquainted with the new characters introduced in Eternal Frost, and then continue their thrilling journey in-game starting from December 12th.

New commander of the Frostbound (Varangians)

New World New commander of the Frostbound (Varangians)


  • “Why oh why must I talk to these plebeians.”
  • “Let all crack and bend before my might!”
  • “The power I sought was never meant for you, Artorius, it was meant for me.”


  • Where to find him: Delving into Ancient ruins in search of powerful artifacts
  • Cultural background: Celtic
  • Occupation: World domination
  • Likes: power, suffering, power that causes suffering
  • Dislikes: meddling commoners, a.k.a. the Silver Crows, and King Artorius
  • Little-known facts about him: He’s related to at least two others in the court of King Artorius

The Commander's Background

He grew up admiring King Artorius and later served as a loyal Knight of the Round Table, driven by youthful courage and passion. He embarked on the journey to Aeternum's shores alongside the rest of the court. However, a falling out with Artorius during the Wars of Crimson Madness led to his banishment. This devastating blow stripped him of his entire identity, leaving him adrift and searching for meaning in life.

For decades, he lived in seclusion, consumed by vengeance and lost in the depths of his own madness. He has now formed an alliance with Ser Loth, a Knight who has tapped into ancient forces beneath the mountains of Great Cleave. As the new commander, he leads an army of mutated Varangians called the Frostbound, seeking powerful artifacts to unleash a terrifying force upon Aeternum and the world at large.

New World Daichi Saito


  • “Mm.”
  • “The lady in the big hat keeps telling me what to do.”
  • “‘Not bad’ was a compliment.”
  • “I do not. Feel the urge to hug.”


  • Where to find Daichi: Brooding on the edge of any crowd
  • Cultural background: Japanese
  • Occupation: Silver Crow
  • Likes: solitude, a good fight, Dog
  • Dislikes: crowds of more than one person, those who believe themselves smarter than they really are
  • Little-known facts about Daichi: His mentor on Aeternum fell Lost. He can’t stand covering his feet when he sleeps.

Daichi's Background

Daichi was a skilled warrior in feudal Japan, quickly rising through the ranks. However, his rebellious nature and disdain for authority grew as he honed his samurai skills. Eventually, he became disillusioned with his feudal lord and decided to become a ronin, frustrated by what he perceived as incompetence.

Being pursued for his betrayal, Daichi sought refuge in Aeternum, hoping to find new opportunities. There, he found guidance from Jubei Mori, the master of a Fire Temple. Although Daichi proved to be quite stubborn, Mori helped him find clarity. However, witnessing his master's defeat at the hands of his own students only deepened Daichi's mistrust of others. He developed a chip on his shoulder and became quick to anger and judge.

Even after joining the Crows, Daichi's rebellious tendencies persist. His aversion to authority immediately clashes with Grace. Despite his challenging personality, Daichi can still be a formidable and loyal ally.

Please share with us what you are anticipating the most from the Eternal Frost narrative. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in Aeternum.