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NBA 2K23: Amazing Updates of Myteam Mode

Bren Lyles

Published On

Finally we can play with our friends in Myteam in NBA 2K23! this is number one thing I've been asking for forever, because my team is such a solo mode, you're really just playing by yourself the whole time. But now in Triple Threat online CO-OP you'll be able to play with either one or two friends on your team, or you can also play against your friends to get wins and then get rewards as well.

The next up I found this one a little bit crazy, so you know in Myteam we're always controlling all five players, in 2K23 they're allowing you can just control one single player in Myteam. I thought at first this might suck, but then I actually think it's going to be good, for example when they say you need to get 20 rebounds with a player in a challenge, you can image how suck it is when you can not control one player. But if you in the single player control mode that means you can just complete the challenges so much quicker, that I actually think this will be pretty good. One player controlling will be available for all modes as well, thus it might be really interesting for gameplays to be honest.

Next up this is something I've been asking for, we've had it in the past but it didn't go too great, but this time I know it will go well, it's the updated Unlimited system. So you know how previously we'd sort of get the wins and then we get our rewards, now it's done by getting season points. When you reach a certain amount of season points, you level up to the next tier, and then you can reach the prestige tiers. I'm guessing this is sort of like the Showdown Tier, but apparently there's even more rewards in this, there's a new vault you can open up after every win once you reach those prestige tiers.

There's a Leaderboards in Myteam Unlimited, and I love this, I love checking my record, I'm a competitive person and I know so are many others. So I think this would be awesome. On the other hand it says in the blog that if you get into the top 10 of the Leaderboards in that season, you will receive a special icon displayed next to your name to showcase in my team's multiplayer modes. Meanwhile, it says even if you're outside the top 10 you can also earn other special icons when you complete all possible tiers and procedures.

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