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My 3 Suggestions On Gameplay, Leisure & Entertainment And Team Building For FFXIV In 2024

Cornell Otto

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Although FFXIV has gone through a long journey of 14 years and is loved by many players. The excellent combat system and graphics, including the rich and colorful story content, have always been loved by players, and we are constantly innovating and striving to make the game more diversified and social. But I still have a few suggestions for FFXIV. These suggestions should make it even better.

My 3 Suggestions On Gameplay, Leisure & Entertainment And Team Building For FFXIV In 2024

Suggestions On Gameplay:

1. Increase The Difficulty Of Normal-level Fights

Doing this can encourage ordinary players to improve their strength and adapt to the current level of raids. When everyone’s skill level increases, they can usher in higher-level raids. This not only improves the level of all players but also promotes the development of the game. All in all, it is to increase the overall difficulty to achieve progress.

2. Unlock Savage Raids

Savage raids are a very important way to play in Final Fantasy XIV, and they are also an important way to gain equipment. It has a certain degree of difficulty and requires relatively high teamwork. However, because it is only open at fixed times every week, many players always miss the time to gain gears, or fail to gather the number of people to form a team. This will create a gap between you and the other players. And the weekly lock will result in an extremely small amount of equipment, which is very painful for players. But if you can open Savage raids to play at various times, and adjust the drop rate of equipment. This will foster relationships between the team and provide more opportunities to acquire more FFXIV Gil and gear. Players will enjoy Savage raids, not suffer from them.

FFXIV  Savage Raids

Suggestions On Improvement Of Leisure And Entertainment

1. Enhance The Fun Of Island Sanctuary

Island Sanctuary was not present from the beginning of the game but was added to Endwalker later. Island Sanctuary is like a black dot on a white paper. The contrast is very obvious and attracts many players at once. In a world full of battles, there is such a unique style of existence, allowing players to have a place to relax when they are tired. I think Island Sanctuary is an excellent idea, but the gameplay inside is limited. Over time, players will become bored. My suggestion is to add activities to Island Sanctuary, which can be made by comparing party games, such as Animal Crossing and Party Animals. Enhance Island Sanctuary activities to increase fun and social interaction.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary

2. Reduce The Limitations Of Glamour

Glamor has been loved by many players since its launch. Everyone wants to look more handsome and cool, so more and more people are investing more and more resources in Glamor. However, the 20 glamour plate limit prevents many players from crafting more outfits as they wish, and players cannot develop multiple styles. If the upper limit of the glamour plate is raised, it will stimulate more creativity among players and provide more available outfits to more players. In this way, the beauty needs of players can be satisfied.

3. Upgrade Apartment

Buying a house in the game is really a wonderful experience that no one wants to miss. Although the houses range from small to large, the apartments are only small, and we hope to add medium and large apartments. This increases the choice of room types and meets the needs of more house decorations. Everyone hopes to have a territory of their own. Of course, different people have different requirements, even in the game.

FFXIV Apartment

4. Update Gold Saucer’s Content

Gold Saucer is an entertainment venue in FFXIV that contains many competitions and activities, such as the Leap of Faith, Cactpot, and Triple Triad. I’ve always really enjoyed these games. Gold Saucer is like a collection of mini-games independent of FFXIV. But the maps included in the Leap of Faith, Cactpot, and Triple Triad are really limited. Players will get bored quickly. I hope Final Fantasy XIV can add some new maps to make this section more fresh and interesting. Players don’t have to play on the same map every day. It feels like chewing gum that they have been chewing for a long time.

FFXIV  the Leap of Faith of Gold Saucer

Suggestions On Team Building

Because Final Fantasy XIV players are all over the world, but all over the world. FFXIV has data centers in multiple locations around the world. But if players from different regions use party finder or want to play together, both players must be transferred to the same data center. Due to network delays in different regions, such interactions will become unsmooth. The gaming experience is very poor. In this regard, we can learn from a region-wide party finder used by Dawntrail. In this way, the matched players will all be in the same data center, making interaction and communication smoother. No need to perform cross-region operations.

The above are the improvements I can give to the current Final Fantasy XIV. I believe that many players, like me, will have the same feelings about these aspects when playing the game. Their needs for personality building, overall difficulty, and equipment acquisition are not met. Every section of FFXIV is interesting, but each section needs to be updated in time. This is a vast project and one that players are looking forward to.