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The 10 Little-Known Key Tips For A Better Gaming Experience In Last Epoch 1.0!

Cornell Otto

Published On

I’ve been playing Last Epoch consistently since its release and have spent hundreds of hours in the game. Therefore, I have also put together some tips and tricks to make our gaming experience better.

Even experienced players can make some mistakes, so check out this guide before you start to make your adventure a smoother one! Without any further delay, let’s get straight into the action.

The 10 Little-Known Key Tips For A Better Gaming Experience In Last Epoch 1.0!

1. Set Auto Cast

Auto cast is especially useful for builds that have skills on cooldown that you want to recast as soon as they become available. An example here is Void Knight’s Devouring Orb ability. If your character is strong enough, you can also use this feature to a semi-AFK farm in the arena.

To activate auto-cast, you must assign the ability button you want to auto-cast to one of the numeric keys on your keyboard.

For example, here I’ve assigned a secondary button to number pad three to keep my usual button mapping intact. Next, press and hold the ability button on the number pad. Then click Num Lock to disable it.

If you want to disable auto-cast, you can simply turn on Num Lock and press the ability button again.

2. Put Skill Points Into Multiple Mastery Trees

You can put points into multiple Mastery Trees so that you are not forced into Passive Tree of your own mastery. Therefore, you can actually unlock and use almost all active skills from other masteries as well.

The exceptions here are unique mastery skills, such as Storm Totem for Shaman or Werebear Form for Druid. These unique skills are locked to specific masteries, but everything else is fair game.

Last Epoch: Put Skill Points Into Multiple Mastery Trees

3. Right-Click On The Map Node To Teleport Immediately

If you want to teleport to another location, you usually need to hold down the left mouse button and click the “travel” icon at the bottom of the screen, which wastes not only Last Epoch Gold but also time.

Instead, you simply right-click on a node and your character will instantly teleport to the selected location. This works both in the world map and in Monolith.

4. Rune Of Removal & Rune Of Shattering

This tip is related to the crafting system in Last Epoch.

Sometimes you remove dropped items from an existing configuration that are of no use to you. The item will have some unwanted stats or not be the type of item you are looking for. But you may need to add it in the future. This is where these two runes come in: Rune of Removal and Rune of Shattering!

Last Epoch: Rune of Removal & Rune of Shattering

By the way, affixes are the stats on the lower part of the item. For example, high-level skill affixes are not that common drops and are very important for endgame builds. So you might want to extract them from items.

Most players will use Rune of Shattering to destroy items and obtain shards, which is the easiest way. But the problem is that this process does not guarantee that you will get all the shards.

As the rune’s description states: Shattering creates a random number of shards. This means you may not get the affix shards you really want.

To avoid losing potential shards, you can use Rune of Removal on the item. This rune removes one random affix at a time. So you may actually need up to four attempts to get the affix shards you want. You’re better off using Rune of Removal when you really want a specific affix or there are fewer than four affixes on the item.

Of course, the best thing about this process are the two affixes items that give you a 50% chance of getting the shards you crave.

5. Avoid Skipping Monolith Nodes With XP Rewards

Do you often skip nodes in Monolith because they only bring you a measly amount of XP? Note, however, that the effects of Tomes of Experience increase as you get higher in level.

At around level 75, my character gets about 1% level XP from each tome, so I get 3% from all three tomes. This is not cause for concern.

But when I run node, my Warlock is level 94 on Empowered Monolith, has 140 corruptions, and I’m getting about 7% more XP from all three Tomes. That’s a huge amount of XP for this level!

Also, have you ever really looked at XP and favor rewards you gain in a faction? Each Tome will give you about 500 favor, which means you can get 1500 favor for each Quest Echo.

Anyway, plus everything you get from running the map. This may not seem like much, but it will quickly earn you a lot of favor! Also, you can use Tomes of Experience to quickly level up your skills after respec.

How to Unlock Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch?

6. Don’t Miss Arena Nodes

Besides, Arena nodes are also an excellent source of XP for you to level up for the endgame.

I’ve done some testing and on average Arena gives a better XP percentage than the usual Monolith Echoes. Monster density is also a big factor here. You don’t have to hunt around for mobs.

Of course, some arena maps are better than others, but on average, all maps are very good for your XP gain. So if you need to level up quickly to meet the requirements for certain items, be sure to clear the arena to get to your goal faster.

7. Training Dummy At Champion’s Gate

During Early Access, you can test your damage on dummies in End of Time Zone. But after patch 1.0, the dummy here no longer exists.

So if you’re like me, you’re probably confused as to where this dummy went. You can actually find dummies in Champion’s Gate settlement. The gate is in exactly the same location as the entrance to the arena.

Where To Find Training Dummy In Last Epoch?

8. No Need To Manually Find The Entrance To Dungeon

We used to have to manually find the entrance to each dungeon, so finding the dungeon you’re looking for can take some time and effort. But there is actually an easier way.

You can right-click on a Dungeon or Arena Key to open the map and focus on the entrance to that specific area. This tip can make your life easier.

Last Epoch: Dungeon or Arena Key

9. Avoid Arena Nodes In Monolith

You can avoid arena nodes in Monolith. There are two ways to check if a node is an arena. First, you can left-click on a node to see the name of the map. If it were, it would say Arena. Alternatively, you can hover over a node to see if it offers normal or less stability.

10. Press The “T” Key To Re-summon The Portal

This assumes you’ve cleared Echo objective and summoned the portal, but maybe you saw a chest or shrine and want to continue exploring the map. But you might worry that backtracking to that portal will waste a lot of time.

This is where the “T” button comes into play. Once the portal is open, you can press the “T” key to re-summon it at your location at any time, saving yourself a lot of trouble.

These are my top 10 tips to make your life easier in Last Epoch. What do you think of these tips? Do you know of any other exciting tips? Please share it! See you next time!