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Two New Jobs Are Added In FFXIV Dawntrail - Viper & Pictomancer

Mikel Skiles

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Not long ago, Square Enix announced that new FFXIV expansion Dawntrail will be officially released on July 2. The most exciting thing about the entire update is that this fifth expansion will continue the story of Warrior of Light and his allies.

And it will continue Light and Darkness saga that happened in Endwalker story. In addition, a new map will be expanded - an area with pre-Hispanic civilizations in Americas.

In order to explore these new areas, players need some new jobs. These jobs are not only new places to invest experience points, but also bring a breath of fresh air in terms of gameplay.

Two New Jobs Is Added In FFXIV Dawntrail - Viper & Pictomancer

To explore these new areas, Final Fantasy XIV has added two new jobs. Viper is a dual-wield melee DPS, while Pictomancer is a ranged magic DPS.

Viper Job

As mentioned before, Viper is a melee DPS Job added in Dawntrail expansion. Viper starts at level 80 and has no connection to any other existing jobs. If you want to unlock it in Dawntrail expansion, you need to have at least one Disciple of War or Magic Job at level 80 and complete the starting quest associated with it.

This quest will be given by Ul’dah, and you need to devote yourself to it to get Viper Job. Viper mainly uses two blades, which can also be combined with the hilt to become a longer weapon. Each weapon can be given unique abilities by the player, and switching between these two combat states is very important for the new job’s game rotation.

Speaking of the equipment required for Viper, this job requires the use of Final Fantasy XIV Items in Scouting category, which is currently a category for Rogue / Ninja Jobs.

Therefore, Viper should choose leather clothing to ensure his agility and speed, rather than heavy steel armor plaques. Viper’s Dexterity attribute determines that it has a lot of damage output in combat and is the core of every build.

However, since it is a melee DPS, Viper will also rely on other important attributes, such as Critical Hit, Skill Speed, and Direct Hit. In terms of accessories, Viper also needs some items in Aiming category.

In addition to the above special aspects, Viper has a special mechanism - it can enhance strength through regular game rotation and release it all as damage to the enemy. This mechanism is shown in the previously released trailer as a blue flame aura.

Viper will become the second dual-wield melee DPS job in FFXIV, and can be selected by players as a melee DPS job together with Rogue/Ninja.

Pictomancer Job

As opposed to the melee approach offered by Viper, Pictomancer Job offers players a Ranged Magical DPS Job. Pictomancer was introduced as Relm in Final Fantasy VI, but has not appeared in any of the core games since.

Like Viper, Pictomancer has no prerequisite jobs, and is easily unlocked if you have at least one Disciple of War or Magic Job at level 80. Its starting quest is in Gridania instead of Viper’s Ul’dah.

Krile, a long-time ally of Warrior of Light, has become a Pictomancer, which may allow her to participate in battles in upcoming content.

Pictomancer will be equipped with Casting category, which can be shared with Black Mage, Summoner, and Red Mage, and even Limited Job Blue Mage. When using Pictomancer, the key attribute that players invest in is Intelligence, because this can determine the power of its spells.

Another important attribute is Spell Speed, which can help you reduce the time it takes to cast spells. Pictomancer’s main offensive skill is to fight by painting various things, whether it is monsters, weapons, or even landscapes. Different paintings will produce uncommon abilities.

Besides attacking opponents, Pictomancer can also enhance your teammates and improve their abilities. It is a bit like a hybrid of a traditional DPS and a support unit. For example, Pictomancer cannot have the offensive firepower like Black Mage, nor can it directly heal itself like Sage, but it can help these two characters in battle.

And according to reliable sources, Pictomancer cannot directly revive itself like Red Mages.

Changes To Existing Jobs

Although Viper and Pictomancer will be the focus of Dawntrail expansion pack, the existing jobs will also undergo certain changes. Basically, every non-limited job currently available will undergo more or fewer changes, mainly determined by the job, rather than the role they play.

First up are tanks, with each job in this category getting a bit more of a bonus to their 30% damage reduction abilities. There are also some job-specific changes, with Paladins seeing a new move added before Blade of Faith combo, and second and third executions of Atonement being replaced with new moves with their own unique animations.

Dark Knights will probably be less flustered, as a big change to this job is that Living Shadow will no longer require a Blood Gauge. Among tanks, Gunbreakers will probably get the biggest change - with a whole new set of moves and combos.

Melee DPS Jobs are likely to transform, the power of Second Wind will be increased - Feint will be extended to 15 seconds, and the entire rotation of Monks will be changed to allow for different combinations of effects.

The goal is to allow players to spend less time looking at buffs and debuffs to complete their rotations. Dragoons, who were very popular in FFXIV, will get a complete overhaul, with the most effective being improved positioning.

In addition to the two new jobs mentioned above, Dawntrail expansion will also add more new content, such as the female form of Hrothgar race and the long-awaited graphic update.

Although FFXIV’s Light and Darkness saga has ended, its future is still full of exciting content. Looking forward to seeing you in the world outside of Eorzea in July!