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New Weapons And Armors You’ll See In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley

Mikel Skiles

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Fallout 76 Skyline Valley is set to be released in a few days in June. It will be added as part of Expeditions: Atlantic City and will bring a lot of new content to the game, including some new weapons and armor. These new pieces of gear have some amazing properties that will enhance your gaming experience.

This guide will detail all the new Fallout 76 Items introduced in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley update. Come with me!

New Weapons And Armors You’ll See In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley

New Weapons

Ticket To Revenge

The first new weapon in the update is Ticket To Revenge, a Railway Rifle with twice the bullet capacity of the standard version. While the standard Railway Rifle is powerful, it is often hampered by its limited ammunition capacity. If you don’t have Quad effect equipped, it’s difficult to deal with maximum damage.

Railway Rifle with Ticket To Revenge changes this situation. It can hold 20 Spikes at a time with base damage of 223. Compared to the standard Railway Rifle, it can greatly reduce the frequency of reloading.

Ticket To Revenge’s legendary effects are V.A.T.S Enhanced, Lucky, and Bloodied. Bloodied will increase your damage as your character’s health decreases, while the V.A.T.S Enhanced will increase your chance of hitting the target. Lucky can help you maintain AP.

Overall, Ticket To Revenge is a pleasant alternative for players who want to try Bloodied builds but don’t need those expensive Bloodied weapons.

V63 Shock Baton

V63 Shock Baton is also relatively simple to obtain. You only need to complete Housekeeping for Higher quest. This melee weapon in Fallout 76 has powerful anti-armor properties and can also apply electric shock effects to enemies.

Besides Armor Penetration and 50% Limb Damage to enemies, V63 Shock Baton also has an AP cost of 30 and a medium swing speed.

Shattered Ground

Shattered Ground is an Automatic Assault Rifle in Fallout 76 that you can obtain by completing Double-Cross Wires quest. It not only has high damage and a fast rate of fire but also supports your own customization into a single-shot or Automatic Rifle.

If you want to have this weapon with Demolitionist perk, you can maximize the potential of this weapon. The most notable effects of Shattered Ground are Junkie’s, Explosive, and 90% Reduced Weight.

V63 Zweihander

V63 Zweihander is an electrical two-handed weapon that you can obtain by completing Eye of Storm. Non-automatic two-handed weapons are not popular in Fallout 76 because of their limitations. However, V63 Zweihander is a special case, with powerful Power Attack Damage, Defender’s, and Executioner’s effects.

The advantage of this weapon is that it has a very high energy damage. With the right method, its damage will increase.

New Armors

After talking about the new weapons in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley expansion, let’s take a look at the new armors.

Burnt Vault 63 Security Outfit

Both the outfit and hat are crafted at an armor workbench after learning the respective plans called Vault 63 security outfit burnt and Plan: Vault 63 security helmet burnt, which are given as rewards for completing the event Dangerous Pastimes.

Lost Burnt Vault Suit

Crafted at an armor workbench after learning the respective plan called Plan: Lost burnt Vault jumpsuit, which is given as a reward for completing Calm Before quest .

Burnt Vault Lab Coat

You can pair this coat with a Lost Burnt Vault suit. However, note that the lab coat is different for female and male characters. The outfit also comes with an optional pair of scientist goggles.

Cultist Monar Outfit

Both the outfit and hat are crafted at an armor workbench after learning the respective plans called Plan: Cultist monarch outfit and Plan: Cultist monarch mask, which are given as rewards for completing Oldest Trick in Book quest. Also note that Alex Guerra is wearing a non-playable version, so don’t confuse them.

Vault 63 Hazmat Suit

It is a one-piece suit designed to mold to the body shape of the user. It is made up of various biometric sensors integrated into the suit, connecting with the Vault’s system. The iconic yellow strip on the front is made of gold foil, not dyed material, and in the suit acts as a heat sink and antenna for the integrated biometric sensors.

There are still some unknown variables waiting for players to explore in this Fallout 76 Skyline Valley expansion. There is a lot of new content to look forward to in the update, and new players should not feel intimidated.

Besides some new items, the southern part of the map has been opened, allowing players to roam the rolling hills of Shenandoah. In addition, there are some new enemies, new NPCs, and recent activities waiting. Let us look forward to this update together!