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How To Get A Better Gaming Experience In Fallout 76? - 8 Essential Tips

Donato Greenholt

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Fallout 76 is an enduring adventure game, and developers continue to inject updates and new content into the game in an effort to keep it fresh. As they keep the game alive, new players continue to enter the vast world of Fallout 76. So, here we want to share 8 key tips to help players get familiar with the game and better enjoy their journey to Appalachia.

Focus On Main Quests First

The most important tip is to treat the game like you’re playing Fallout 4. It’s better to just focus on completing the mission while avoiding multiplayer events until at least the major mission is completed.

How To Get A Better Gaming Experience In Fallout 76? - 8 Essential Tips

Many public events are ending quests for main and side quest chains, and you must eventually complete them, but if you complete them before completing those quest chains, you will end up breaking your own quest line.

Another reason is that many multiplayer events tend to offer very generous Fallout 76 Bottle Caps and materials as rewards, which are easily better than what you’ll get from missions. If you participate in too many public events, you can easily become disappointed with the main quest rewards.

You can go back and complete quest lines after completing multiplayer events, but they do lose their charm. Therefore, it is best to avoid participating in daily operations, public events, and expeditions until you have completed your primary tasks. Otherwise, you’ll regret starting these multiplayer events too early after they become all that the late game has to offer.

Remember, you can only be a new player once. So before jumping into the multiplayer features, take the time to explore and understand the in-game story.

Also, don’t forget to enable Pacifist Mode after reaching level 5, as this will prevent anyone from PVP you and prevent you from accidentally starting PVP.

Unlock Watchtowers

In Fallout 76, you can also find Watchtowers, and climbing to the top unlocks surrounding locations. Then, if you’re close enough, you can place them on your map and unlock them for future fast travel.

Note that enemies usually defend these towers, so be prepared to deal with some enemies. But with a little caution and stealth, you should be able to defeat even high-level enemies.

Once you climb the tower, you’ll see a number of new entries on the map. You still need to travel to them in person to fully unlock them for fast travel, and your map will now show these locations.

Fallout 76 Unlock Watchtowers

Join A Group

Additionally, joining a group will give you a stat bonus, depending on the type of group you join. If you are part of a group of four, the maximum is +3. Different groups provide different stat types, including:

  • Casual Team: Gives you Intelligence bonus for extra XP.
  • Roleplaying Team: Provides you with additional Charisma for better selling prices and dialogue options.
  • Exploration Team: Provides you with additional Endurance for more hit points.

Any other groups, such as Daily Ops Team, are for multiplayer events, so don’t join them yet. They are designed for higher-level players and group play.

Becoming a group member does not require you to do anything with any other players. You can simply join a group and run your business like a single-player game, but get some free stat points. So why not?

Find Free Waypoints

As we all know, you can fast travel to any location you’ve unlocked by paying a certain amount of Bottle Caps. Traveling to locations on the other side of the map can be expensive, though, and early caps can be scarce. But there are some locations that you can quickly travel to for free, no matter where you start from.

The first is your camp. You can always get to the campsite for free. This applies not only to your main camp, but to any inactive camps you may have. Not only that, but you can travel to any camps belonging to your teammates for free.

Fallout 76 Best Camp Locations

Besides camp, there are also some fixed locations that can be quickly traveled to for free, and Vault 76 at the beginning of the game is one of them. It allows you to travel to the forested area on the west side of the map. Rusty Pick will take you to Ash Heap to the south. Whitespring Resort and Foundation will give you access to the southern part of the map at any time.

You can use these locations as waypoints to make your fast travel even cheaper. It’s important to note that the faction headquarters requires you to be friendly with the faction, otherwise you may be attacked when you arrive.

Farm Bottle Caps

Speaking of caps, early caps can be hard to come by. You can get it by looting locations and selling weapons and junk. But you can actually farm caps with minimal effort, it’s just farming crops.

Once you plant a crop, it will provide you with regular harvests. You don’t need to water them or take care of them in any way, and they will continue to give you regular harvests as long as enemies don’t shoot them.

If you also equip Green Thumb perk before harvesting, your harvest will be doubled. You can use these crops to make soups and teas to feed yourself. Alternatively, you can sell raw vegetables to NPC vendors in exchange for caps.

It’s not the most profitable way to make money, but it is an easy, reliable source of money that requires minor work. Basically, once you decide on a location for your camp, you should plant some crops.

Ways To Farm Fallout 76 Bottle Caps Efficiently

Pick Damage Buffing Perks

What’s special about Fallout 76 is the use of level scaling on enemies. So as you level up, your enemies will also level up. This means they will be harder to kill as you play.

But as you explore, you’ll find missions that give you unique weapons to help you cope. But just as important as having an excellent weapon is using damage bonuses to enhance those weapons.

Typically, you have three levels of damage buffing perks: Basic, Expert, and Master. Each can be upgraded to three tiers, and if you upgrade them all, you’ll spend 9 perk points to gain an additional 60% damage.

Even gaining one level of each perk will give you 30% extra damage while only costing 3 perk points. That 30% extra damage is considerable, especially for some weapons that can deal a lot of damage.

Fallout 76: Pick Damage Buffing Perks

Methods To Remove Radiation

Early radiation will be painful because you won’t have enough RadAway to throw around. On top of that, any food you eat and any water you collect will give you radiation. So as you play, radiation stacks up easily.

But there is a trick to eliminate radiation in the early game, which is to drink Brahmin Milk. Every glass of milk you drink eliminates 25 radiation.

The best place to find Brahmin Milk is in Flatwoods. There should be about 5 or 6 Brahmin between the building and the creek on the west side of town. Not every Brahmin will offer milk, but you should get at least 3 or 4 every time you come over. This is also the easiest way to reduce radiation early in the game.

Later, as you explore, you’ll find enough RadAways, especially since you can also use Pharmacist perk to maximize the effects of RadAways. But remember early on that you can drink Brahmin Milk as a cheap and effective way to get rid of radiation.

Where to find and how to farm Brahmin Milk in Fallout 76?

Stats And Perk Cards Are Random

Note that early on, your stats and perk cards are randomized, and it’s easy to look like making the wrong choice has permanent consequences. But that’s not actually the case.

You can change the applied perk cards at any time, the only limit is which cards you can use. Once you reach level 25, you can freely change your special stats using punch cards at the train station or your camp.

After level 50, each upgrade lets you choose a card. You can still open perk packs every 5 levels, but in addition, you can choose your perks as you level up.

So if you don’t get good cards from the pack, or you think you made a mistake in your build, don’t worry, nothing lasts forever. The game doesn’t lock you into a certain build in any way. Once you reach level 50, you can customize your build to suit your needs.

Those are some tips you need to know when entering Fallout 76. By following this guide, you will have a better gaming experience effortlessly. Have a nice day.