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Don’t Miss These 9 Camps To Help You Accumulate Thousands Of Caps In Fallout 76!

Mikel Skiles

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Do you want to make big money to buy new oddities and powers? Then these CAMP places in Fallout 76 will be your best choice.

There are various places to set up camps, and each CAMP is very suitable for players. Some locations are great for building on flat terrain, but others are great for generating extra Caps. Getting the income Cap in Fallout 76 can be a struggle for lower-level players. Therefore, this opportunity to get Fallout 76 Bottle Caps as capped as possible is crucial. Likewise, where players place their Camps will determine the number of visitors they receive.

Caps in Fallout 76 are crafted from the player’s CAMP, so factors such as which items are sold and how much they are sold for are closely related. In fact, location is what attracts players the most. Next, I will introduce those high-quality CAMP locations for your reference to quickly obtain Caps.

Fallout 76: Don’t Miss These 9 Camps To Help You Accumulate Thousands Of Caps!

9. Vendor Placement

As players speed towards CAMP, if they cannot easily find the vending machine, they will give up and leave. Many new players tend to place vending machines on the top floor of their CAMP or at the back of their base in an attempt to attract players to visit their CAMP. This is a terrible idea.

If players want to actively browse other people’s CAMP designs, maybe they will do so. But the most feasible way is to place two or three vending machines near the player base. If possible, players should use lights and arrows to make their vending machines more noticeable. If the vending machine is easily found by players, the more likely they are to spend Caps.

Another thing players should do is check to see if their CAMP is active on the menu. If players hover over CAMP icon on the map, they can see if their CAMP is visible to other players. If you can’t see it, then CAMP will not attract many tourists.

8. Vault 76

Vault 76 is a popular location for building CAMPS. Therefore, new players are constantly joining the game. While they don’t have a particularly large number of Caps, if they see something they can buy if they want to save up, they may end up coming back. In addition, even though Vault 76 is a free fast travel location, players are more willing to pay to travel to closer campsites.

Since a large number of players like to build near Vault 76, there is a high probability that other players will visit the area and they can quickly look multiple CAMPS as well.

7. The Wayward

The Wayward is not far from Vault 76. This is one of the places where new players are dispatched directly after leaving Vault. Wayward is where many of Wastelanders’ major storylines take place, so players of all levels will have to travel to Wastelanders frequently. So, if you see a CAMP near Wastelanders, they are likely to check it out.

Wayward is also Smiley’s long-lost hometown. He sells gold bars to players in exchange for Caps. Because of this, high-level players head to Wayward every week so they can hoard gold bars.

Fallout 76: best camp locations

6. Rusty Pick

The location of Rusty Pick is in Ash Heap region. This is where the vendor Murmrgh lives. Murmrgh sells legendary weapons, armor, and legendary modules to players. When players want to craft or purchase legendary items, Rusty Pick has naturally become the most sought-after place.

Some players who like to sell Legendary Items place Rusty Picks outside the camp to increase sales. At the same time, this is also a free fast travel location to attract more players to the location. There are not many enemies around Rusty Pick, which also means that CAMPS is not likely to be attacked.

5. Seasonal Events

Fallout 76 has several seasonal events held in fixed locations. For example, Fasnacht Event is held in Helvetia and the Mothman Equinox event is held in Point Pleasant. These activities take place every hour on the hour. Therefore, most players online travel to the event every hour.

Placing CAMPs near seasonal events is a great idea for making a lot of extra Caps, as players tend to browse them carefully before and after completing seasonal events.

4. West Tek Research Center

West Tek Research Center is the best place in Fallout 76 for quick upgrades and improvements. Players can earn constant XP by “running West Tek” (clearing buildings repeatedly). Of course, this upgrade is mainly done by high-level players. High level players usually have a lot of Cap. But if a player is grinding XP at West Tek and sees a CAMP next to it, there’s a good chance they’ll want to stop by and check it out.

Although it doesn’t have as many visitors as before, players are generally more willing to give up some hard-to-obtain Caps.

3. Whitespring Golf Club

Whitespring Golf Club is popular for many reasons. Because there are free and fast travel points nearby, and there are also many flat and clean lands. It’s close to Whitespring Refuge and Mall, so it’s a place that players frequent. There is a lot of traffic, so it has become a popular building location among players.

Players will often find themselves needing to travel to Whitespring. Whether it’s performing tasks, selling items, or using Whitespring Mall’s workbench to create crafts.

2. Whitespring Station

Many merchants set up shop at Whitespring Station. The most popular vendor robot is located at Whitespring Station. Therefore, players will often head to Whitespring Station to unload their spare grenades and some aid items.

On a typical server, there are usually two CAMPS near Whitespring Station. And, as mentioned in the first entry, if there are many CAMPS nearby, more players will be attracted to it.

1. Drop Site V9

This location is commonly used by advanced players. Drop Site V9 is located near Fissure Prime Site. When it is attacked by Nuke, the Scorched Earth event will be activated. Gamers will fight against one of the game’s bosses, the Scorchbeast Queen. This is a very popular activity among players. Whenever bosses are activated, most players in the game lobby will join in the activity.

By placing a CAMP north of Drop Site V9, players can usually avoid being within the blast radius of an incoming Nuke. This event is so popular that if players have CAMPS placed nearby, there’s bound to be a ton of visitors coming in every time someone launches a Nuke on the Fissure Prime Site.

The above is a detailed introduction to the nine best places to place CAMP, which will help players of all levels quickly obtain Caps in the game and enhance the gaming experience.