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Can You Complete The Powerhouse Of The Cell Quest In Fallout 76? - Steps & Rewards

Bren Lyles

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When you enter Skyline Valley in Fallout 76, you’ll see a storm looming above you, and you’ll realize that things here differ from the rest of Appalachia. You’ll then be introduced to Lands Unknown quest, which will tell you more about Stolz family and their security, James Oberlin.

In Vault 63, Audrey and Hilda are working to mitigate the threat of the storm and try to figure out how to slow down Hugo Stolz from becoming a Lost. Unfortunately, the path forward isn’t smooth, and you’ll need to help Hilda solve some science problems during your time in The Powerhouse of the Cell.

Can You Complete The Powerhouse Of The Cell Quest In Fallout 76? - Steps & Rewards

How To Get Started?

The Powerhouse of the Cell quest begins after you’ve spoken to James Oberlin and completed Housekeeping For Hire's quest. During the conversation, you’ll learn that some Organics Sector alarms have been set off, and Hilda is heading there to fix the problem.

Open your map and you will see a place marked, head straight to Shining Creek Caverns. Until you see a large hole that may be a natural formation, this is your entrance to Organics Sector.

Remember to have some Fallout 76 Items, especially weapons in your hands at this time, because there are Radscorpions waiting for you in the cave. After repelling them, go down the stairs and head towards a door marked “Research”. Organics Sector is on the right-hand side as you enter the foyer area. You will also have to fight a group of Lost enemies. After killing them, you will see a bright path leading to Hilda’s location.

How To Help Hilda?

After you successfully complete the above path, you will see Hilda in the office and by talking to her, you can learn about the experiments being carried out. She tells you that she is looking for a way to return the Lost to normal human form and needs your help in her experiments.

You need to help her find three serums to complete The Powerhouse of the Cell.

Serum Alpha

Your first mission requires going to Greenhouse area of ​​Pharmaceutical Wing. There will be many Losts that will attack you blindly on this path. Remember to kill them directly to create a path for yourself.

After you finish fighting the Lost, go downstairs and look for a green cactus-like plant - Henry. It is difficult to find because it is hidden next to a pile of stacked boxes. After collecting the sample from Henry, immediately go to Pharmaceutical R&D lab and use the sample to create the first serum - Serum Alpha.

At this time, you need to return to the laboratory where you just talked to Hilda and find a device that you can interact with. Here is a hint of its location. It is on the wall and has a periodic table nailed to it.

After activating this device, you need to turn around and cross the hall in front of you to reach Clinical Trials chamber one. Inject the serum into the sedated Lost on the table and wait for him to change.

But unfortunately, he will still attack you, even more powerful than usual. After you defeat him, you may need to ask Hilda for an explanation. After she explains, follow her instructions and you will have to go to Greenhouse again.

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Serum Beta

Entering Greenhouse area again, you need to find Cave Gate Key on a table next to some other planting stations. Turn right and you will see this keyhole and a nearby pipe.

In this expedition, your goal is to collect samples of Unusual Fungus for Hilda, but there are still many mysterious things in this area, which you can explore carefully when you wander here later.

As you collect samples, you will be stalked by a terrible enemy, Shadow. The most unacceptable thing is that Shadow cannot be defeated, so you need to run as fast as possible to Unusual Fungus samples you need to collect, and you can shoot and scare Shadow away when necessary.

Fallout 76 Serum Beta

After you collect the samples, you also need to run back to Hilda quickly to get rid of Shadow. Hilda will ask you to inject this serum into another Lost in Biology Wing.

Similarly, this Lost will attack you after the injection, and it will jump up to attack. So you must ensure your flexibility and defeat it with excellent strategy. After you succeed, Hilda will give you the last piece of knowledge, Serum Omega.

Serum Omega

Go through Fluid Handling section on the left side of your exit until you reach a Vat Storage room. It’s just behind a barrel of green liquid that looks very bad. Here you have to not only clean up the Lost, but also watch out for the green liquid under your feet.

In Vat Storage Control Room, you’ll find the last Lost floating in a tank. But to your surprise, this Lost is Hugo Stolz. After injecting the serum into him, just watch the results.

After you successfully complete the above tasks, follow Hilda’s advice and go up the stairs to the right - this is a shortcut back to the laboratory. When talking to Hilda in the laboratory, you’ll find that she is not very honest about these things.

Finally, you need to find Oberlin and report to him that Hilda is now safe. She will return soon.

What Rewards Can You Get?

After you report, Oberlin will give you The Powerhouse Of The Cell Rewards, which include:

  • Plan: Severed Lost Hand
  • Mixed aid
  • Grenades
  • Fallout 76 Bottle Caps
  • XP

After you complete The Powerhouse of the Cell, the Double-Crossed Wires quest will start immediately. Looking forward to your interesting exploration in the subsequent games!