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How To Find And Defeat Astel, Naturalborn Of The Void In Elden Ring?

Bren Lyles

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There are various bosses in the game that you need to find and find ways to defeat them, and this is also the case in Elden Ring. Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, has annoying teleports and almost predatory grabs, which make it one of the most difficult bosses in Elden Ring.

However, Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, is still a boss worth choosing to help you progress in Ranni’s questline.

In this guide, you will learn how to find Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in Elden Ring and find its weaknesses to defeat it. Follow this guide and you’ll be ready to shine in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC when it releases on June 21st!

How To Find And Defeat Astel, Naturalborn Of The Void In Elden Ring?


Astel is located in a separate area south of Lake of Rot. You will reach here when advancing Ranni’s questline. You need to first go to Grand Cloister Grace in Lake of Rot, cross the ledge to the ground, find the coffin, and then ride the coffin down the waterfall. This way you can reach this area.

Then in this area you need to go west until the end of the hallway, at the end of the hallway turn left and you will find a coffin. You need to enter the coffin, and then you will respawn in a new area. From this respawn point, go north, and then you will find the fog door leading to Astel.


If you are not well prepared before fighting Astel, his attacks will wipe out more than half of your health. However, if you prepare some weapons, incantations and spells in advance, it will make the battle easier, so it is worth spending Elden Ring Runes to get these items, which will make Astel less of a difficult boss for you.

Frostbite, Sleep, and Madness will not harm Astel because it is immune to them. However, Poison, Scarlet Rot and Bleed will easily cause damage to it. Therefore, you can integrate your equipment into these corresponding weapons, incantations, and spells.

Astel is also less vulnerable to elemental damage (magic, fire, lightning, and holy) due to his defenses, even though he is not completely immune to the damage you can throw at him, the damage won’t be as great as it normally would be. While Astel has strong defenses against elemental damage, he is weak against physical damage. Therefore, magic users can use gravity sorceries to take advantage of the range advantage.

How To Prepare For Astel?

Here are some weapons, incantations, and spells that can help you against Astel, Naturalborn of the Void:

Any weapon with Poison, Scarlet Rot, and Bleed effects. Poison, Scarlet Rot, and Bleed status effects can cause Astel to deal heavy damage. Therefore, find a weapon with any of these effects and upgrade it as much as possible.

Rotten Breath Incantation. This Incantation is obtained by obtaining a dragon heart and taking it to Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid. Rotten Breath Incantation can cause heavy damage to it through Scarlet Rot.

Rock Sling Sorcery. This Sorcery can be found in a chest north of Street of Sages Ruins in Caelid. Rock Sling Sorcery is a gravity Sorcery with great tracking and range. You can use this spell from a distance when fighting Astel to avoid most of its attacks. If you find Meteorite Staff on a corpse in Street of Sages Ruins and combine it with Rock Sling Sorcery, this will increase the damage by thirty percent, making the fight much easier.

It is worth noting that you should level up your attributes and upgrade your weapons and spirit ashes before fighting Astel. You can also use Mimic Tear Ash to distract Astel and take most of the damage.

How To Beat Astel?

Elden Ring How To Beat Astel?

You should not always stand right in front of Astel when fighting him, even if you know that Astel’s weak point is his head, because some of the most damaging moves he uses require the use of the pincer attached to his head. Instead, you should watch the majority of his body to determine most of his attack cues and stand a little further away, as these cues can be very hidden.

Generally, you need to know how Astel prepares to attack and try to avoid it, then attack him in the head. Here are some moves you need to master to defeat Astel.

Astel will charge a purple ball and fire a laser directly at you when you enter the boss's arena. Since there is a little time to prepare, you don’t have to dodge immediately. However, you can use dodge roll first to master the timing. You will have time to summon Mimic Tear Ash or any Spirit Ashes of your choice after Astel fires the laser.

Astel’s three left hands quickly raise three purple balls, then slam them into the ground, releasing three expanding shockwaves. You can use dodge roll to avoid this move while running away. After all, it can be very difficult to react to this attack in time.

Astel raises a purple ball in each of his six hands into the air, then slams it into the ground, releasing three expanding shockwaves. This attack is similar to the previous one, but the preparation time is much longer, and you also need to keep your distance from Astel to avoid being hit by the expanding shockwaves.

Astel will charge up, then throw you into the air before slamming you back down to the ground. You can keep your distance from Astel while he charges up, and then attack him after he finishes his attack.

Astel will create a purple ball in one hand, then wave his hand in front of him, leaving a purple shroud that explodes in a split second. There are several variations of this attack that all work similarly, and you need to watch out for the single purple ball. However, you may have enough time to get through the shroud and attack his head, depending on your distance from Astel.

The biggest threat to your defeat in the entire fight is Astel’s teleport, which can cause you to be grabbed by them. Particles gather above Astel to form a large sphere that teleports Astel away. Astel can teleport to another location to attack you, and this attack is very deadly. When he starts to teleport, sprint away and watches behind you. If they teleport above you, try to watch their arms and dodge when they start to dive as if they are hugging you. This attack can cause a lot of damage and can even kill you, so avoid it if possible.

Astel will teleport away from you and summon rings behind him, which will shoot out Meteors at you. This is another teleport attack. You can avoid these Meteors by running to the side and dodging when necessary.

The last thing you need to watch out for is any movement of Astel’s main body features. For example, you should be careful of their pincers if they start to twitch, and their tails if they start to wag.

After defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, you will receive Remembrance of the Naturalborn, which can be exchanged for Waves of Darkness Ash of War or Bastard’s Stars. For those who complete Ranni’s quest, a path to Cathedral of Manus Celes will be unlocked.

With the above, you can clearly know the location of Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in Elden Ring, his weaknesses, and how to deal with him when fighting him. Hopefully, this will help you win the game!