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All Itemization Changes Showed In Diablo 4 Season 4 (Codex of Power, Tempering, Masterworking, Affixes & Gems)

Cornell Otto

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After Diablo 4 devs investigated the feedback from players after PTR ended, they seem to have a new direction for the development of Season 4. Recently, the specific name of Season 4 has been revealed, namely “Loot Reborn”, which is based on fire and the forge, and Iron Wolves seems to be the specific theme of this season.

Diablo 4 Season 4 All Itemization Changes (Codex of Power, Tempering, Masterworking, Affixes & Gems)

So what is “Iron Wolves”? It is a combat company composed of experienced mercenaries, specially created to destroy invading demons. From the PTR, we have seen how it actually performs in battle. Are you ready to fight alongside them?

As usual, Diablo 4 Season 4 has also added some new quests and mechanics for players to explore for great loot, such as gold, Igneous Core or other Uniques. What may surprise players is that devs previously promised it would bring players an earth-shaking experience in Season 4. From the exposure of the season name, we can see their emphasis on loot. Therefore, before the start of S4, players can learn more practical items farming ways, leveling tips or review the past and learn the new based on previous seasons experiences.

After the previous Seasons 1, 2 and 3, it was clear that none of those seasons went beyond the Seasonal Realm, let alone left anything worth playing in Eternal Realm.

Common Items Changes In 5 Parts

1. Items Drop Rating Lower, But Higher Quality

Although the overall number of dropped items has decreased, the quality has improved. It greatly saves us time in organizing items and allows us to enjoy the game itself more.

2. Affixes Changes For Items

Devs reduced the affixes for legendary items to three, and the affixes for rare items to two. Although the affixes were reduced, they became more effective. And, they have increased the overall value of these affixes, and every item has become more valuable. Every time we gain an item, we will become stronger.

3. Re-roll Items Require Fewer Mats Than Before

Although the amount of gold consumed is at its highest when players re-roll items, the amount of materials you need to perform all forging activities at BlackSmith is now much smaller than before, which can reduce a lot of unnecessary expenses. In this way, you can get more powerful item support in the subsequent journey.

4. The Rarity Of Items Is Related To The Level Of The World

Next is the rarity of the items you receive will be affected by the level of the world you take part in. You can only gain sacred items and higher-level items in World Tier III. Ancestral items will only appear in World Tier IV. If you want to get those Legendary items with 925 Item Power, you must defeat enemies with level over 95.

5. The Drop Mechanism Of Uniques

Finally, all Uniques will appear in World Tier III, while some Uniques will only appear in World Tier I and II. And Uber Uniques will appear at max Item Power level when you kill a level 55 monster.

Codex of Power Fully Upgraded

Diablo 4 Season 4 Codex of Power

1. Codex Of Power And Legendary Aspects

The new version of Codex of Power will bring fresh changes. First, you have unlimited use of Legendary Aspects you stored in Codex of Power when you salvage Legendary items. Legendary items salvage at the Blacksmith have great power and can upgrade your Legendary Aspects. After you enter Diablo 4 at the first time when Season 4 is released, some of your legacy aspect items will automatically be converted to a certain level in Codex of Power. By the way, your warehouse space will still allow you to load the same shares as before items, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to fit them into your small warehouse when you get better loot.

2. Codex Of Power Will Bring More Playability

It contains many Aspects, and you can choose the direction you like to improve. And when you reach the highest level in some Aspects, the system will remind you that you have reached your goal.

3. Codex Of Power Function Added

Codex of Power will have new features, namely search, filtering and collection of Aspects. When selecting a power for imprinting in Occultist, your equipped power will be displayed via an icon and tooltip. These powers will be automatically saved to the Eternal Realm in the Seasonal Realm when the season is about to end. If these two same powers both exist in Eternal Realm and Seasonal Realm, the system would choose the higher one.

Tempering Manuals

Diablo 4 Season 4 Tempering Manuals

As the name suggests, Tempering Manuals are used to upgrade the quality of the equipment, which are divided into 6 categories.

Each Tempering Manual contains several optional affixes. You can easily find Tempering Manuals throughout the game. Once you find the Tempering Manuals, just add the right affixes to equipments to strengthen them and your combat power. But, before you Temper an item, you have to focus on its Tempering Durability.

Affixes given to equipment in the manual in Seasonal Realm will last until the end of the season, but affixes given to equipment in the Eternal Realm will be permanent.

Masterworking - Pros & Cons

Diablo 4 Season 4 Masterworking

Use all the materials you have worked so hard to get from those terrible mines and caverns into weapons, exploit their potential to the limit, and then you will have a greater chance of winning when facing future raids or missions.

The specific function of Masterworking is to increase the strength of all affixes on the equipment, and every 4th tier, it would improve the random affixes in the equipment. Affixes will turn blue after receiving the first reward, then yellow and then orange. But, if you want to make Affixes turn yellow, you may have to put in 10 times more effort than turning them blue. Similarly, if you want to make them change from yellow to orange, it is even more difficult. When you Masterwork an item and it has reached its limit, if you are still not satisfied with its performance at that time, the system also gives you the opportunity to reset the item.

However, I think most players are not willing to reset the top-notch weapons they have worked so hard to upgrade. So, this is a ridiculous permission. But I also think that for those old players who have the courage to return to Diablo 4, they can use the Masterworking mechanism to reset all their items and give themselves a chance to start over.

Greater Affixes

Diablo 4 Season 4 Greater Affixes

For those players who are lucky enough to get Ancestral Legendary and Unique Items, don’t just sit there and be happy. If you look closely at these precious things, there may be Greater Affixes on them. This thing is 1.5 times stronger than normal affixes. But I guess no one would be that careless. After all, when you get those items, the system will also give you a different audio prompt, and there will also be a special icon in your inventory to remind you that you have become a Lucky dog.

For those who haven’t obtained Greater Affixes through Ancestral Legendary and Unique Items, don’t be discouraged. After all, each Greater Affix is born in different ways. Because every Affix on the item has a chance to become a Greater Affixes in World Tier III and IV. Only one thing to note is that it is wishful thinking to want to turn an ordinary Affix into a Greater Affix by Enchant. lol!


Diablo 4 Season 4 Gems

In Season 4, it would be easier, streamlined and more effective.

  • At Level 51, get Normal Gems
  • At Level 71, get Flawless
  • At Level 91, get Royal

In addition, devs also added Diamonds' Resistance values.

  • Topaz helps you improve Intelligence
  • Sapphires help you improve Willpower
  • Amethyst helps you improve Strength
  • Emeralds help you improve Dexterity

In general, the various upgrades made in Diablo 4 Season 4 are all considering players. The devs are making subtractions for this game, simplifying the Codex of Power and Gems mechanisms, optimizing various Affixes and Masterworking. While enriching the gameplay, it takes into account the feelings of returning players and new players, and perfectly fits the season theme of “Loot Reborn”. I wish everyone who starts Season 4 good luck.