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How To Prepare For Diablo 4 Season 3 Season Of The Construct? - New Features, Leveling Strategies & More

Cornell Otto



Are you ready for Diablo 4 Season 3? This guide provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know before diving into the new Diablo 4 season, Season of the Construct, including insights into leveling characters, completing the season quest, and understanding the mechanics of this season.

How To Prepare For Diablo 4 Season 3 Season Of The Construct? - New Features, Leveling Strategies & More

What Are The Features Of Season 3?

Let's first explore the new Diablo 4 Seasonal content, featuring the Companion, Arcane Tremors, and Nightmare Vaults, before delving into some leveling tips for returning players or those aiming to reach World Tier 4 swiftly.

Seneschal Companion

The Season of the Construct centers around The Loom, an ancient technology crafted by the founder of the Horadrim and his companion Ayuzhan.

Stolen by the demon Malphas, this loom becomes the focal point of your battle against his minions, the Constructs. The town center under Kehjistan, known as Gatehall, acts as the new seasonal hub area, providing access to the fresh seasonal dungeons, Vaults.

To aid you in the fight against Malphas, you'll have a new seasonal Seneschal Companion, also known as the robot spider pet. Acquired during the Seasonal Quest, the Seneschal is a Construct that you repair to become your own companion.

It's crucial to acquire the Seneschal quickly, as it's a permanent pet capable of dealing damage, crowd control, and even healing you – overall, a valuable ally. The companion levels up with your progression in the game and comes with its own customizable skills.

These skills are equipped through Tuning and Governing Stones, obtained from Arcane Tremors, Vaults, and crafting from Shattered Stones dropped by Constructs at the Jeweler in Gatehall. You have 2 slots for Governing Stones, dictating your Seneschal's abilities, and 6 slots for Tuning Stones to enhance those abilities.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Seneschal Companion

Governing & Tuning Stones

Once you have the Seneschal, your focus shifts to obtaining these stones.

Begin by clearing Arcane Tremors found across Sanctuary. In these events, you must locate Cores from Constructs or Towers, place them in a brazier to summon Malphus’ Heralds. Defeating these constructs has a chance to yield stones and shattered stones. Importantly, when you defeat the Heralds, you earn the seasonal Rare Currency, Pearls of Warding. These function as a form of currency for "gambling" in the new vaults, offering more Governing and Tuning Stones.

After acquiring Pearls of Warding, head to one of the 3 Vaults in Gatehall. Inside the vault, you'll find the "Statue of Zoltun Kulle," allowing you to exchange Pearls of Warding for stacks of Zoltun's Warding. These stacks act as a counter for the numerous traps throughout the vault. Every time you're hit by a trap, you lose one stack, and if you reach 0 stacks by the end of the dungeon, you won't unlock the special Wardwoven chest containing valuable loot and additional Tuning/Governing Stones.

Additionally, you can turn the Vaults into Nightmare Vaults to expedite the process. These vaults feature more traps, tougher enemies, and additional Wardwoven Chests to unlock. Vault Sigils to start Nightmare Vaults drop similarly to normal Nightmare Sigils in World Tier 3 and 4.

So, the basic cycle for the season involves participating in Arcane Tremors, obtaining Pearls, entering a Vault, clearing it without getting hit by traps, enhancing the companion's skills, and repeating.

Upon completing the questline, you gain access to a fourth vault – the Uber Vault. Here, you'll face traps, enemies, and eventually, fight against Uber Malphus, a stationary boss capable of dropping two powerful Unique stones. It's recommended to tackle this challenge at some point during the season.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Governing & Tuning Stones

The Right time To Play Different World Tiers

Now, let's discuss strategies for fast leveling in the new season.

Upon creating a new character for the season, you'll be presented with the option to skip the campaign and choose the World Tier you want to play on. If you've already completed the campaign, skipping it with a new character is the faster method for leveling. Contrary to expectations, opting for World Tier 1 is the best choice for quick leveling.

Choosing World Tier 2 offers a 20% experience and gold boost, but the enemies become more challenging, requiring more time to defeat. This makes it less efficient than selecting World Tier 1, where enemies are easier, and you can clear dungeons more swiftly.

As you progress to the mid and end game, you'll transition to World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 for increased XP.

Tips To Help You Level Up Faster

To help you level up fater in Diablo 4 Season 3, here are some useful tips.

Level 1-60

With no updates to experience at the Season of the Construct launch, the quickest way to level your character remains half-repeating the Domhainne Tunnels dungeon in Scosglen. However, alternative methods, including new seasonal activities, are available for leveling.

Upon spawning in, ensure you claim your renown rewards. If you've played in earlier seasons and completed renown for all regions by discovering waypoints, clearing strongholds, finding altars of Lilith, etc., you can claim the bottom rewards for all regions. These include 2 skill points, +1 Potion Capacity, +80 Maximum Obol Capacity, and most importantly, +4 Paragon Points. If you haven't unlocked these, there's no rush to obtain them immediately, but you'll want to secure these rewards later.

Firstly, progress the Seasonal Quest as much as you can until it becomes challenging or you lose interest. This allows you to obtain the Seneschal Construct Companion as soon as possible. Afterward, you can start grinding the Domhainne Tunnels. The strategy involves clearing the first section without releasing any prisoners, teleporting out to Cerrigar, sorting your inventory, resetting the dungeons via your map, and then returning. Repeat this process until around level 50, occasionally incorporating Helltide for essential resources like Forgotten Souls and Fiend Roses to upgrade your gear.

For those who prefer alternatives, Legion Events are an excellent option, spawning frequently and providing substantial XP upon completion. You'll receive an alert on the map before they spawn, and kindling the campfire at the location five minutes before it starts increases your XP gain for the event up to 15%. Engaging with other players in the world to clear the event enhances your XP gain.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Tips To Help You  Level Up Faster

Other activities include World Bosses, Whispers, and the new seasonal activities. While World Bosses spawn every 6-8 hours and offer great XP, it's advisable to avoid them in the first week of the new season when players are generally too weak to tackle them effectively.

Grim Favors present diverse quests on the map, including harvesting a zone, clearing a cellar, or the XP-rich option of clearing a Whisper Dungeon. Grim Favors can overlap with World Bosses and new seasonal activities. The new seasonal activities consist of Arcane Tremors found throughout Sanctuary and the Vault dungeons. Grinding Arcane Tremors is recommended for leveling as they provide XP and the new Rare Currency.

Mixing up these activities while clearing Domhainne Tunnels or choosing one based on personal preference is up to you. Remember to clear Helltides occasionally, stock up on elixirs to boost XP gain during activities, and engage in seasonal content. At level 15 (or 25 for necros), complete your Class Quest to unlock a special feature of your class. Later, around the level 50-60 range, attempt the WT3 Capstone Dungeon in Kyovashad to increase your World Tier, leading to leveling beyond 60.

Level 60+

Upon reaching WT3, the most efficient use of your time will come from Nightmare Dungeons or Nightmare Vaults, offering substantial rewards and XP. Nightmare Sigils, required to activate these, can be obtained as random drops from enemies in the game and through crafting at the occultist. To maximize XP gains from Nightmare Dungeons, it's advisable to engage enemies that are 10 levels higher than you, although tackling lower-level ones is acceptable if the higher-level ones prove too challenging initially.

While you can continue participating in the previously mentioned activities, their impact on character progression is likely to be less significant compared to Nightmare Dungeons, which become a crucial element in advancing your character. As you approach level 70, consider attempting the WT4 capstone. Following that, you can continue tackling Nightmare Dungeons and mix in other activities like completing the Seasonal Quest, addressing your renown, or exploring various in-game tasks.

More New Seasonal Content

Thus far, we've covered what we believe beginners should focus on at the beginning of this new season.

Looking ahead, an upcoming Gauntlet dungeon is on the horizon—a weekly rotating fixed dungeon where players compete on leaderboards, with top weekly scores earning a permanent spot in the Hall of the Ancients. While specific details about these dungeons are yet to be revealed, if you're up for the challenge, keep an eye out for this dungeon in the weeks or months to come.

What are your thoughts on the season so far? Does it pique your interest?