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These Leveling Mastery Classes You Need To Know For Last Epoch 1.0 These Leveling Mastery Classes You Need To Know For Last Epoch 1.0
MMO Games Feb 29, 2024

These Leveling Mastery Classes You Need To Know For Last Epoch 1.0

I’m here to provide you with my review of some mastery classes that you will play in the early game phase of the Last Epoch 1.0. If you’re are interested in exploring this topic, let’s delve into it together.

Preparing some Last Epoch Gold can improve your gaming experience and make it easy to get through the early stages of the game.

These Leveling Mastery Classes You Need To Know For Last Epoch 1.0


First, let's talk about the Bladedancer. It boasts remarkable speed, owing to Shift's significantly low cooldown. This allows you to swiftly navigate from one pack to another. Moreover, its AOE capabilities are impressive, effortlessly clearing groups of enemies with custom skills.

Bladedancer also excels in dealing substantial damage to bosses. In its current state, I consider Bladedancer to be among the top classes for leveling.


Shaman is a choice that stands out among classes. With an array of powerful skills, it can effortlessly clear and move swiftly. Its effectiveness doesn't rely on waiting for minions or other prerequisites.

Moreover, the Shaman inflicts significant damage on bosses, making it a formidable choice for early-game progression.


The Sorcerer is truly amazing at the moment. With its abundance of AOEs, you can effortlessly clear while on the move. The Teleport skill adds an extra layer of mobility, allowing you to swiftly navigate between fights and breeze through the campaign.

Last Epoch Sorcerer

While there may be some minor mana issues, these are easily mitigated, especially as you progress and optimize your gear. Overall, the Sorcerer stands out as a top-tier build, capable of completing tasks quickly and efficiently.


The second class I've extensively played and want to discuss is the Lich. It's currently quite remarkable, particularly due to the minimal mana issues it faces. However, since you may need to pause briefly to defeat monsters and its movement spell isn't as effective compared to other options.

While Lich is highly versatile, there are still some limitations, especially if you opt for a version with fewer projectiles. Additionally, using the crit version might pose challenges, particularly during the leveling process.


Moving on, let's discuss the Necromancer class. I find the Necromancer to be incredibly impressive because minions can effectively carry you through the entire campaign. Necromancer can be compared with the Lich class because of its outstanding performance.

Last Epoch Necromancer

Minions effortlessly eliminate enemies for you. However, the Necromancer has some issues with movement, requiring a brief pause for minions to engage enemies, as they can be somewhat slow and not always tactically astute. Its overall performance remains exceptional, and it's a highly effective choice.


Delving into the Beastmaster, I find its potential intriguing. I believe the Beastmaster will shine brilliantly in the endgame, its journey to that point presents considerable challenges. The pace is sluggish, lacking the swift movement of other classes like the Necromancer.

Its minions, though faithful, pale in comparison to the Necromancer's army. Thus, the Beastmaster falls short in terms of speed and efficiency during the leveling process.


Let's delve into the Spellblade class. Spellblade presents a compelling magical archetype with the potential for considerable strength. However, it currently grapples with certain issues. Notably, when assuming the role of a Spellblade, one must engage enemies primarily through melee attacks.

This approach, particularly during the leveling process, can prove cumbersome and frustrating. Despite these challenges, Spellblade boasts high damage output and offers teleportation capabilities. Nevertheless, the inherent difficulty of consistently landing melee hits remains a significant concern.

Last Epoch Classes


The Druid occupies a unique position, blending elements of the Shaman's swiftness with the Beastmaster's versatility. While it requires less setup to become effective and boasts an impressive swarm form for clearing, its speed falls short of the Shaman's pace.

Its single-target damage output doesn't match that of the Shaman. The Druid offers a balanced progression path between the faster-paced Shaman and the more gradual Beastmaster.


Next, I delved into the Runemaster class, facing a challenging decision between it and the Sorcerer. Ultimately, I found the Runemaster to be exceptionally impressive. It boasts capabilities comparable to the Sorcerer, excelling in various scenarios.

With its array of AOEs, potent boss damage output, and swift mobility facilitated by teleportation, the Runemaster emerges as a formidable contender in all aspects of gameplay in Last Epoch.


The next class is going to be Marksman. Currently, Marksman is in a pretty special position. You can clear a lot with Marksman, but it still needs a few different bonuses to work properly. Both Multishot and the version of Rain of Arrows works well, but it just requires a little more setup.

So while you’re running through the campaign and preparing for early leveling and the early game phase by itself, I think Marksman should be somewhere in between. It can still be powerful, and it has Shift the same way as Bladedancer has it, so it will come online but later on.


Let's discuss the Paladin, a class currently positioned quite favorably. With its remarkable Shield Rush skill boasting an impressively low cooldown, the Paladin effortlessly traverses through hordes of enemies.

Last Epoch Shield Rush

Additionally, the Javelin skill proves highly effective in dealing damage. Renowned as one of the strongest half-mill classes alongside the Bladedancer, the Paladin possesses all the necessary tools to navigate the early game effortlessly.

Void Knight

Void Knight presents a conundrum for many players. While I appreciate the unique character gimmick, its reliance on Damage Over Time zones poses challenges, especially when rushing through the campaign or seeking swift completion.

Although it may seem unfavorable at present, Void Knight holds promise for formidable strength in the endgame, offering a different gameplay experience once fully developed.

Forge Knight

Forge Knight stands out as another intriguing class worth highlighting. Presently, Forge Knight holds a sturdy position in the latter stages of the early game. However, initiating as a Forge Knight can prove challenging. It necessitates around 30 to 40 passives to truly shine, delivering significant damage and functionality to the build.

This requirement adds complexity to the early game experience, making it more arduous than some other classes. While not as problematic as the Void Knight, Forge Knight still grapples with various issues.


Steer Clear Of These 7 Traps: Essential Advice For New Last Epoch Players
MMO Games Feb 29, 2024

Steer Clear Of These 7 Traps: Essential Advice For New Last Epoch Players

For players who aren’t seasoned in ARPGs, Last Epoch may initially seem overwhelming. Even for those with ample experience, navigating the game’s Class and Masteries systems can be quite intricate.

However, all necessary information is readily available in-game. Players simply need to know where to find it. To ease the chaos of the first few hours of Last Epoch, let’s explore some of the mistakes we newbie players make early in the game and how to avoid them.

Steer Clear Of These 7 Traps: Essential Advice For New Last Epoch Players

1. Examining Every Single Item You Acquire 

Engaging in this practice will significantly prolong your journey through the game.

To begin with, Last Epoch inundates players with an exceptionally high volume of drops. While this is a common occurrence in ARPGs like Diablo, Path of Exile, and to some extent, Lost Ark, Last Epoch seems to take it to another level entirely.

Players will frequently encounter new white, blue, yellow, or even unique items while traversing a single map in this game. Not only does this quickly fill their inventory, but it also becomes overwhelming. 

Therefore, the first recommended tip is not to fret too much about examining each individual item. Many of them will soon be surpassed as players level up and progress through the story. 

Moreover, these items seldom fetch more than a few Last Epoch Gold when sold, so it’s advisable not to pause every few seconds to scrutinize the stats of every new weapon or armor piece that drops.

2. Overlooking The Loot Filter Feature

Expanding on the topic of gear management in Last Epoch, one of the most valuable early-game recommendations is to not overlook the Loot Filter feature. 

While configuring a Loot Filter might appear to be an excessive optimization for players with limited experience in MMORPGs or ARPGs, it’s practically indispensable in Last Epoch. Fortunately, setting it up is straightforward, and players can even utilize online resources to download and import custom Loot Filters into the game.

At the very least, it’s advisable to configure a Loot Filter that hides white-rarity equipment (and perhaps blue-rarity items as well). This simple adjustment can prevent players from succumbing to the temptation of inspecting every white or blue item on the ground, under the false impression that it may offer valuable benefits, such as a slight increase in Minion Health.

3. Neglecting The Forge & Crafting Mechanics

This next misconception is a common one among Last Epoch players, and it’s completely understandable. 

Last Epoch Forge & Crafting Mechanics

Crafting in MMORPGs and ARPGs is often associated with the late-game and can be quite perplexing initially (depending on the game). Consequently, many players instinctively overlook the Forge, Crafting, and Affix systems, assuming it’s best to save them for the end-game or maximum level.

Fortunately, Crafting in Last Epoch is straightforward (be sure to review the Forge section in the Game Guide) and is something players should fully embrace while leveling up. While much of the excitement in these games typically unfolds after reaching max level, there’s no reason players can’t enjoy the journey from level 1 to 100 by engaging with the Crafting systems along the way.

4. Disregarding Runes Of Shattering At The Hub Vendor

Runes of Shattering are another aspect of Last Epoch that often eludes players who are unfamiliar with these types of games or haven’t researched the game beforehand. 

Essentially, after purchasing these Runes, players can insert them into Equipment currently in the Forge and dismantle the Affixes on that item into a random number of Shards corresponding to those Affixes. These enhance the value of hoarding gear during the early stages.

While it’s not necessarily essential during the early to mid-game (prior to acquiring Class Mastery), there’s no harm in doing so for players who know which Affixes they’re aiming for in the late game. 

Admittedly, it’s more efficient to save them for use on late-game gear to obtain higher Tier Affix Shards or to use a Rune of Discovery to fill empty Affix slots before using a Rune of Shattering. However, players won’t face significant drawbacks by utilizing these Runes according to their preference.

5. Spending On The Gambler

One of the initial NPC Merchants players encounter in Last Epoch is the Gambler, and engaging with this merchant can be risky. 

The Gambler offers players the opportunity to spend gold on purchasing weapons, armor, accessories, and other items that come with random affixes applied to them upon purchase, essentially allowing players to use gold to ‘roll’ for items.

While there’s no way to entirely dissuade players from using this feature, it’s strongly advised to allocate funds elsewhere, such as investing in Runes of Shattering. Given that Last Epoch is an ARPG and enemies drop items abundantly, players can utilize filters to focus solely on the gear they desire. Therefore, squandering gold on the Gambler often proves to be a futile expenditure of time and resources.

Last Epoch The Gambler

6. Ignoring Side Quests & Their Rewards 

Side quests play a crucial role in Last Epoch for several reasons. Not only do they facilitate the leveling process, enriching the maps with additional tasks and introducing players to various characters and concepts within the game world, but they also offer valuable rewards, such as Passive Points and Idol Slots.

Skipping sde quests means missing out on approximately 15 Passive Points, as well as restricting access to the game’s Idol System due to the absence of Slots. Therefore, it’s advisable for players to consult the Quest Tracker (accessible via the 'J' key on PC by default) or the Quests on the World Map to identify currently assigned side quests and their associated rewards. 

By doing so, players can prioritize completing side quests that offer Passive Point or Idol Slot rewards, while postponing or saving purely EXP-based side quests for later stages or after completing more significant objectives.

7. Forgetting To Utilize ‘Alt’ For Additional Information & Reading Scaling Tags

Lastly, although Last Epoch can feel overwhelming with its abundance of information, the game itself provides several tools to ease the learning curve. 

These systems are not only plentiful but also well-crafted. Players can access the Game Guide from the Escape Menu, which contains detailed entries on every mechanic within the game. 

Additionally, by holding the ‘Alt’ key while examining various elements, players can access additional information highlighted in blue text. This feature allows players to discern whether a Skill Modifier alters the damage type (and consequently its scaling), understand specific debuffs, and more. Utilizing these resources whenever the game feels overwhelming can greatly assist players in understanding its complexities.