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How To Level Up Quickly In Throne And Liberty? - Leveling Solo Guide
Throne and Liberty Jan 02, 2024

How To Level Up Quickly In Throne And Liberty? - Leveling Solo Guide

Welcome to our Throne and Liberty leveling guide. In most MMOs, leveling up can be a tricky process, often resulting in what feels like a significant slowdown in your progress.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about leveling solo, what to prioritize on your journey, and more for a smoother experience.

How To Level Up Quickly In Throne And Liberty? - Leveling Solo Guide


One of the most important things to know before starting leveling with ours is what types of missions you can perform, and what each objective icon looks like.

Purple Quests are your Main Story Quests. These tasks are by far your most important priorities during leveling. Each chapter of Main Story Quests provides a large amount of experience points to get you through several levels.

Blue Quests are Side Quests in the game. As you progress, we can find Side Quests throughout the world. Each area has its own Side Quests and therefore offers different experience points and rewards. It’s important to keep track of Side Quests and complete them within your level range.

Gold Quests are your Contracts. We took these Contracts from Contract Merchant in most major towns. Each Contract provides various growth materials, EXP, TL Lucent, and Abyss Contract Tokens as rewards!

Green Quests stand for Guild Quests. Guild Quests generally provide wonderful rewards for yourself as well as your guild, including EXP and Sollant. So be sure to take part in every event with your guild!

Throne And Liberty: Missions, Quests Which to Prioritize?

Dynamic Events

Dynamic Events in the game occur every few hours. These events provide great EXP support while also providing Sollant and upgrade materials.

Therefore, taking part in Dynamic Events between missions is very important for successful leveling! These Dynamic Events will appear in the form of collection events and World Boss Events.

World Boss Events appear every few hours. Of course, defeating World Bosses also provides outstanding items and EXP rewards.

Throne and Liberty: Dynamic Events Preview!

Breakdown Of Leveling Stages

Throne and Liberty’s Main Story Questline is divided into Prelude and 10 Codex Chapters. Only when reaching a certain level can the corresponding Chapter be opened.

Level 1-24

The major priority for each chapter is to focus solely on completing each Main Story Quests in that chapter. As a result, you will find that your level increases several times in a short period.

However, you will usually be 1-2 levels below the level requirements for the next chapter. This is where you should focus next on Side Quests. Side Quests are unlocked and displayed on the map only if you activate Waypoints in that area.

After reaching level 10, the first thing you should do is join a guild or form a guild with your community. Joining a guild is crucial to success and earning Throne and Liberty Lucent.

When you complete Chapter 4, you should be in one of Throne and Liberty’s central towns, Vienta Village. You can travel to 1-2 nearby areas and unlock their Side Quests by touching Waypoints. Finally, head to Monolith Wasteland and Abandoned Stonemason Town to collect these Side Quests and complete as many as possible.

To get more EXP, make sure to participate in Dynamic Events. You can also choose to accept and complete some Contracts. However, we recommend against doing this. This is because contracts are important for level 50 upgrade materials, but there is a limit to it can do how many per day.

It’s worth noting that at level 20, your first Paola’s Dimension Circle will be unlocked. Paola’s Dimension Circle is a unique set of dungeons designed for a party of 6! Keep in mind that you can only use a limited number of Dimension Tokens per day to claim rewards from these dungeons.

Throne and Liberty: Instance Party Dungeon Specter's Abyss

Level 25-40

At this stage of leveling, you should focus on the last rewards you receive in each chapter. Choose weapons and gear that match the building you want to make. They will be powerful until you replace them with Epic gear.

At level 40, you will gain access to another new Dimension Circle Dungeon, Temple of Roar.

Like we suggested in the levels 1-24 section, move to the first few areas near the areas that are appropriate for your level. Unlock Waypoints to get good EXP from Side Quests.

Throne and Liberty: Temple of Roar Dungeon

Level 40-50

The ultimate level 10 takes place in the northeast and northwest parts of the map. These areas include Shattered Temple, Ruins of Turayne, Hill of Purification, Greyclaw Forest, Akidu Valley and Fonos Basin. Therefore, the major towns you will be operating in when leveling are Canina Village and Watcher’s Post.

It’s important to complete as many Main Story Quests as possible and immediately start completing Side Quests by unlocking Waypoints for each area.

At this time, Contracts also become more valuable. Because they will reward you with Rare Growth Stones, EXP and Sollant.

As always, attending Events, Dungeons and Abyss Dungeons also helps a lot. If you follow this pattern, you should be able to reach level 50 in no time and have no issues getting through the slowdown sections!

Leveling Tips

Once you reach level 50, be sure to use as many available Contracts as possible. I recommend that you better use them in Canina Village, as Contracts will take you to Greyclaw Forest, where the mission is easier. When selecting Contracts, be sure to only select Contracts that have Growth Stones or Lucky Pockets as rewards.

Since you can earn EXP bonuses, be sure to join the party when possible. In particular, it will be more useful to go to Abyss Dungeons to farm mobs, which will reward you with more EXP, Sollant and Weapon EXP.

Remember not to underestimate EXP collection, especially after level 34 and above. Certain uncontested locations can generate 200k+ EXP per hour!

Also, don’t forget that upgrading your weapons and damage skills as often as possible will make clearing content much smoother. When you choose rewards throughout Main Story Quests, make sure the stats match your build.

Finally, it’s important to know ahead of time which weapon combinations you’ll most want to play with. Early in the game, full re-rolling is quite difficult, so choose wisely!

Throne and Liberty Leveling Solo Guide - How To Level Up Faster?

Avoid Death!

Death in the open world is incredibly punishing. Every time you die, you lose a percentage of your total EXP. However, that’s not all, you also end up with a stacking debuff that reduces damage and movement speed by 10%.

You can use Restoration Coins or Sollant to undo death and regain your lost EXP until they expire. So do your best to avoid death.

This concludes our Throne and Liberty leveling guide. I hope this leveling guide can help you gain a more comfortable leveling experience in the game. Good luck!

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