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Four Key Problems Currently Facing Throne And Liberty
Throne and Liberty Mar 16, 2024

Four Key Problems Currently Facing Throne And Liberty

Throne and Liberty, the highly anticipated MMORPG from NCSoft, holds significant promise. However, it finds itself in a state of identity crisis due to frequent shifts in development focus and core philosophies. These changes have left the game directionless, hindering its ability to stand out in the MMORPG genre. 

Here, we will delve into Throne and Liberty’s major shortcomings, their impact on the overall gaming experience, and what they imply for its forthcoming global launch.

Four Key Problems Currently Facing Throne And Liberty

1. Unfulfilled PvP Promises

Initially marketed as a game with a strong focus on PvP, Throne and Liberty placed considerable emphasis on large-scale PvP battles, which were touted as a key selling point. 

Expectations were high, with the anticipation that these epic castle sieges and territorial conflicts would surpass similar features in popular titles like Black Desert Online’s Node Wars or Amazon’s New World Fortress Sieges.

However, upon release, players were disappointed to find that the realized large-scale PvP system bore a striking resemblance to castle sieges seen in Lineage II. Despite the allure of battles involving hundreds of players, many expressed dissatisfaction as these engagements often descended into chaotic encounters lacking strategic depth, especially when compared to smaller-scale PvP instances with stricter player limits.

Players on the outnumbered defending side often felt overwhelmed and helpless, with limited opportunities for tactical maneuvers or engaging in small-group combat. To fulfill its PvP promise, some argue that the game needs to introduce systems to prevent such imbalances or offer additional tactical objectives beyond mere capture point rushes.

Fortunately, there are promising changes on the horizon. Upcoming updates include the introduction of node contests, where guilds vie for supremacy in guild-versus-guild battles. Additionally, the announcement of 6v6, 5v5, and 3v3 battlegrounds signifies a shift towards integrating dynamic events into faction wars, aiming to inject more variety and excitement into PvP experiences. If you want to perform well when facing these challenges, it is very important to accumulate enough Throne and Liberty Lucent.

Throne and Liberty Unfulfilled PvP Promises

2. A Shift Towards PvE

Shifting the game’s focus hit NCSoft hard. They came to the realization that their initially advertised direction for the game was not feasible. Consequently, they opted to announce a sudden pivot towards PvE content.

While this change could potentially benefit the game’s longevity, it poses a significant disruption to its identity. Players who were initially attracted to the prospect of a unique PvP-centered experience now find themselves uncertain about the game’s trajectory.

Of greater concern is the implication of a lack of confidence or vision for the game. Previous missteps, such as the widely criticized beta version filled with mobile gaming mechanics, cast doubt on the developers’ ability to sustain Throne and Liberty.

It is imperative to find a compelling answer to what distinguishes Throne and Liberty from other MMORPGs. Questions arise: Can its gameplay offer the same level of engaging action and fluidity found in Black Desert Online? Will its shift towards PvE content deliver the same challenge and intricacy as Lost Ark’s raiding? Can it present a richer, more finely crafted narrative than Final Fantasy 14?

Without addressing these identity issues, Throne and Liberty risk fading into obscurity and losing relevance in a genre dominated by well-established franchises. Should the pivot to PvE content fail to make the intended impact, players may be left with yet another uninspiring, run-of-the-mill MMORPG featuring monotonous grinding and abandoned PvP systems.

Throne and Liberty Navigating Identity Crisis With A Pivot To PvE

3. Uncertain Development Timelines

Establishing development timelines early is crucial for an MMORPG.

A content roadmap provides the community with a clear understanding of the game’s progression, helping players set long-term expectations and determine if it’s worth investing their time. However, with such a significant change in direction, players now find themselves uncertain about the game’s future path.

NCSoft has consistently demonstrated flexibility and a willingness to address issues with Throne and Liberty, which is commendable. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that the game’s current state appears to lack a defined target audience. The abrupt shift in direction at this stage of development suggests a lack of thorough consideration and testing. Continually investing resources into failing philosophies is becoming a concerning trend.

Uncertainty looms over whether players should anticipate slower major content updates due to this unstable environment.

4. Delays & Uncertainty Surrounding Throne And Liberty’s Global Release

Considering all that has transpired, it’s unsurprising that there have been delays in the global release of Throne and Liberty, despite already incorporating localization features like native translations.

All we know is that Throne and Liberty should be arriving soon, but Amazon has maintained a conspicuous silence. The excitement and momentum leading up to the releases of New World and Lost Ark felt much stronger.

Throne and Liberty

The most recent news article on Throne and Liberty’s western website dates back to October 18th, 2023. Additionally, the last mention of Throne and Liberty on Amazon’s website was in an article from last month, January 22nd, titled “Amazon Games Look Back on a Busy 2023.” The last dedicated article was on June 8th of last year.

Moreover, unlike other launches, there doesn’t appear to be an official Throne and Liberty forum where players can express their anticipation for a western release. It’s starting to feel like Throne and Liberty is slipping through the cracks.

Given the current state of the game, it’s plausible that NCSoft and Amazon have concluded that Throne and Liberty isn’t yet ready for a global launch. The success of a game often hinges on its release, and it may be preferable to launch when the game is more stable. Take Final Fantasy 14, for instance, which even had a relaunch to distance itself from its previous version. NCSoft has stated that there will be no localization differences between the Korean and Western versions, indicating that we should expect similar monetization and patch structures.

Amazon and NCSoft face a significant challenge in reconciling the differences between Korean and Western audiences and their gaming motivations. We’ve seen Amazon and Smilegate struggle to bridge this gap with Lost Ark, and we can only hope that the same mistake isn’t repeated.

In a game desperately seeking direction, how will the opinions of both player bases be harmonized?


Throne and Liberty has the potential to exceed expectations and be an exceptional game. 

However, its success depends on NCSoft’s ability to develop a unified vision that compels players to invest their time and enjoy what Throne and Liberty has to offer. Otherwise, it risks fading away as another failed attempt to rejuvenate the genre. Only time will reveal whether Throne and Liberty can carve out its own path.

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