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Madden 21: The Rating Of LA Chargers New Offensive Lineman - Oday Aboushi

Bren Lyles



Madden 21 keeps the latest rosters as much as possible. Once a player is traded, it is a good thing for them to appear in the new team's roster. In reality, if a player's performance changes, then EA needs to adjust their Madden 21 ratings. Sometimes, the adjustment of these stats will cause controversy. This balance and adjustment are tricky for games like Madden NFL 21, because during the NFL free agency period, players will be moved to new teams. When Super Bowl-winning lineman Joe Haeg was selected by the Steelers, gamers who wanted Madden 21 closer to real-life could pick Haeg in the game.

LA Chargers strengthened their offensive line during the offseason to better protect the QB. Oday Aboushi has been selected by the Chargers for the offensive line starting role. But his rating in Madden 21 is not very good, with an overall rating of 63. But he has some advantages in strength and awareness. These two stats can make the lineman perform very well, they are even more important than speed and catching.

For any lineman, another stats to consider is Impact Blocking. This is very important for a lineman who needs a block to give the QB time to attack. And Aboushi reached 82, which is very good. Madden 21 will not update franchise mode, until the Madden 22 is released, so Aboushi's stats are stable. He will officially join the roster in Madden 22, and his statistics will be adjusted.

Madden 21 had some problems in the early days, and some of the content felt insufficient. So fans look forward to the arrival of Madden 22, hoping that it will bring more surprises and provide substantial changes.

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